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About Silk

Silk is a natural protein fiber which is the great source for making textile. As far as concern the silk is produced by cocoons of the larvae of mulberry silkworm. This technique has been applied in several countries; however China is still the main country who is practicing this traditional skill for producing silk. There was a time whereby silk is produced in mass quantity and it is exported to other countries. Likewise this condition is proven when the Silk Road is being created for the ease of commercial activities during 1800s. Hence silk is popular, as source for clothing, home units, bags etc.

About Silk Shrug

The silk is used for making many fashion accessories too, which silk shrug is the best piece for representing all. As far as concern the shrug is worn as a lightweight coverlet which will not contain any burden for the user. The reason is the shrug is only taking quarter part of your upper body size, shoulder part only indeed. It is cropped and can be temporary or all over to accompany your outfit for any events. For example you can take out the silk shrugs if you feel the second half of the party needs sexy appearance; or else you feel hot and there was no air-con for the place. At the same time a silk shrug like black silk shrug and white silk shrug is the chic layer, cover over your tops. In reality it is a wardrobe essential which suits for many outfit style. You will always remind to get a nice quality of shrug like silk shrug when you have more than three tank tops in your wardrobe. Perhaps more than a pair of tube dresses.

Unique Version Of Silk Shrugs

The silk shrug like silk chiffon shrug and silk satin shrug is constructed with other materials. Therefore there were no definite where a silk shrug is developed of full silk. Other than that, the piece is made with different collar shape too like shawl collar type and cowl neck collar. Nonetheless most of them come with plain collar type which preparing a nice platform for you to show your jewelries pieces and other fashion accessories like scarves and shawls. However a shrug like this is always the best fashion accessory to make you look different. For example a black silk shrug with nice red ribbon ruffled frontier detailing is the focal point for your entire outfit. With this shrug, you don’t even need to add any fashion ornamental and accessories. Moreover some classic fit of the shrug is best show the ladies body silhouette. It is pretty comfort and sexy for enhancing an image.