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Satin fabric is the perfect source for constructing clothing like blouses, shirts, skirts, coats and pants. Satin coat and satin pants for examples; are the selected garments for night events. Moreover they used for formal places like offices or when you need to meet an important customer, perhaps a business meeting. Therefore the satin fabric is playing big part for fashion industry, especially for women clothing. Somehow the fabric is used not for making clothing only; likewise they are also used for making fashion accessories like shrugs, shawls, scarves, belts, handbags etc. A satin shrug for example, is one of the most popular fashion accessories under the wing of satin finishes products. Moreover it is recognized as the hot picking for brides, when they need a shoulder coverlet for their wedding gown.

The first way you can use the shrug is to match it with evening dresses. As far as concern the satin shrugs are parable with many sorts of evening dresses, not only satin evening dress and gown. As such, match the piece with evening outfits like chiffon gown and silk tank dress. For example match a white satin shrug with white tank dress or halter dress, to cover the empty shoulder.

The second way you can used the shrug is pairing it with office outfit. For example you can get along a black satin shrug with sleeveless ruffled blouse and pencil skirt. Then complete the look with suitable jewelries and shoes. The formal image of the shrug is making every office lady looks professional and confidence.

The third way is you can match the satin shrug with casual garments like shirts, tops, camisoles together with jeans and mini skirt. This will create younger look, for anyone indeed. The shrug is able to cover your nude shoulder if you put up tube top. You can also match the shrug with casual forms of sleeveless blouses like linen blouse and nylon blouse.

The forth way you can use this item is to get along the shrug with one piece dress like dress shirts, pencil dress etc. The satin shrug is absolutely the best solution when you can’t find a cool fashion accessory to decorate your plain dress. For example a white and black satin shrug is able to offer some shades for your white pencil dress.

The fifth way you can use the shrug is basically pair it with wedding gown; somehow this is applicable for brides only. Basically white satin shrug is selected by brides for matching with wedding gown; perhaps ivory colors of satin shrugs also in their list. Nonetheless no matter which type of satin bolero shrug which the bride is going to choose for, the piece will add value to the gown, make the bride looks elegant and versatile.