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During cold and rainy days, we wear various forms of garments to keep us warm and protected. To prevent and avoid sickness and diseases that cold weather would bring.  Since, many kinds of outfits are created to keep us safe during cold season; one of this is a poncho. Many of us are wondering what kind of garment are ponchos, especially those people who are living in the eastern and northern side of the hemisphere.  Originally, ponchos are associated with the Americas, they are used by most Spanish speaking nations; these are a large sheet of cloth with opening on the center traditionally designed to keep the body warm.  Waterproof ponchos can keep you dry during rain. They are commonly made of lightweight materials, which consist of fasteners on the front to keep them close and fitted on your body, just providing an opening in the arms. Also, hoods are attached to keep you totally protected against the wind and rain.

Waterproof ponchos are essential to both men and women in all ages. They have wide variety of designs available in the market. Originally, ponchos have inverted triangular shape at the bottom, but nowadays, through the modernism of fashion, waterproof ponchos for women have flat line bottoms designs just like those of ordinary shirts, though the traditional look are still available.  They come in multitude of colours and stylistic patterns.

With contemporary designs there are disposable waterproof ponchos for adults are available. Though they are disposable but they can be used again. These ponchos are very practical and great for emergencies because they are very handy and can fit in one’s pocket. But there are also ponchos that are re-usable available, that can be used for long period of time.

On the other hand, funky waterproof ponchos are designed and created for young adults or those young at heart. They come in funky cool designs that could really make you look cool and stylistic even in the rain. They come in polka dots, stylistic flowers designs that are pretty perfect for girls, however for young boys, these ponchos are available in their favourite cartoon and super hero printed characters.

Waterproof ponchos UK are made of durable materials, which are nylons and strong form of synthetic materials. They are available in multipurpose ponchos to fit all in one size that can also be converted in vinyl sheet. These ponchos also come in camouflage colour especially for men in military and army. With prices range from £45 and below, you will get an assurance that you will be protected and safe under the rain.

Most of waterproof ponchos come in long length size that covers almost all parts of your legs. These are available in all stores, malls, shops and boutiques. They are also available on selected shops, with numerous designs and colours that you can choose from. Furthermore, those stores offer all sizes appropriate for both men and women of all ages.