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Shrugs and boleros are recognized as cool fashion accessories to make your outfit looks better. Bolero is much recognized as jacket, coat or sweater as it belongs to a type of cropped jacket, which is a type of short jacket that covered till bust line. Comparing to that shrug is more identified as fashion accessory as it only responsible for covering the shoulder part of women. Nonetheless although there were similarities and difference between these two garments. Some of these garments are two in one which you can treat them as bolero or shrug, depending on your outfit combination. Other than that the shrugs and bolero also is constructed in other forms like make it connected to the cardigan or sweater. Therefore it is depending on the creativity of the fashion designer to make the shrug and bolero more value.

Since the difference is more than the similarities among shrugs and boleros; therefore take some time to go through the main differences between these two clothes items.


In terms of sizes these two garments definitely go different. For example most of the evening shrugs and boleros are different for its sizes. The lace shrug and lace bolero is different for its length whereby the lace bolero is longer than the lace shrugs. Moreover the width of the bolero is also greater than the shrug where shrug always come fitted and attaches to the shoulder partially. In this case then the bridal shrugs and boleros are proving this statement where most of them are covered just nice the shoulder, with different sleeveless type; however generally it is with long sleeves.


The material can or cannot be the factor for differentiating a bolero from a shrug as they are constructed with almost the same materials. The differences come when material used for making shrugs normally thinner than the boleros. Lace and organza fabric is one of the best examples where they are the favorite materials for making shrugs. Compares to that a bolero jacket is made through much “solid” materials like wool, linen and cotton. Nevertheless fabric like satin and silk is applicable for both, shrugs and boleros.


The detailing or finishes between these two items come different when you noticed shrug needs simpler design compares to boleros. This is quite true where shrug generally used for evening occasions and women normally will put up many jewelry items while wearing these evening shrugs and boleros. In conjunction with that, you don’t need complicated design of bolero shrug the jewelries pieces should be the focal point of the entire outfit. Likewise the boleros need more patterns, finishes and designs like button holes and cuff hems as most of the time they are the main fashion accessory for the whole outfit. For example you are pairing a rhinestone or beaded bolero with dress shirt.

To know more about black colors of bolero shrug, here I’ve chosen four of them as case studies today. These shrugs are developed of different materials and finished with different styles. Please be patient and read through my analysis on these shrugs and share with me your ideas.

Midnight Black Sheer Front Ties Plus Sizes Bolero Shrug

This black bolero shrug is a sexy, flirting and enchanting shoulder coverlet for women. The sheerness of this shrug is reach up to about 95%. The garment is come with front tie closure. The sleeves of this shrug are ¾ lengths. The garment is developed of black chiffon fabrics, which is extremely comfortable to wear. They matched with all kinds of camisole tops, as shown in the picture, and suits for casual uses. Nonetheless the shrug is not really for office uses. You are advised to pair this black bolero shrug with camisole top as well as jeans. The shrug not only required by plus size lady; perhaps normal sizes ladies are also demanded for it.

Line Knitted Short Sleeves Black Luxe Ruffles Boleros Shrugs

This shrug is as glamour as black lace bolero shrug and black satin bolero shrug. They suits for evening outfits. The ruffles collar and frontier of these shrugs, right up to the sleeves length is its unique advantage. People buying it due to the garment are finished with amazing ruffled details. The sophistication pattern of this bolero shrug is offering various styles of fashion styling. You can match it with nice white long tank dress, sleeveless sweater dress etc. The reminder here was, the garment to pair with these shrugs boleros should be as simple as possible.

Black Grecian Drapery Wool Bolero Shrug

This is a plus size black bolero shrug and come in precious design. The piece is modifying the pattern of Grecian dress. The Grecian dress generally come with rubber girdle or bundle at collar edge, some is right up to the sleeves cuffs. Therefore this shrug is more on national costume; somehow for modern fashion styling too. You are free to match any garment with this black bolero shrug. Unlike black lace bolero shrug and black satin bolero shrug, this garment is developed of wool. In addition they are more for casual outfit. You can choose to match it with casual jeans and pants.

Cropped Black Lace Shrug

No other black bolero shrug is sexier than a black lace bolero shrug. Take a look at this garment, it is developed with cropped style, with cap sleeves and covered till bust line. The piece is also attached with front tie, for closure. This lace shrug is the sophisticated piece which adds style to simple design of gown and dresses. The idea outfit to match with them is one piece strapless white gown. Nonetheless you can create a smart casual style which is containing half casual and half formal look. How to reach that? It is pretty simple, match it with tubes and jeans, that it!

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