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A shrug bolero is the savior for plus size women, especially for those who come with thick shoulder and fat arms. It helps to cover the expose part effectively. This contributes the reason why the shrug is best sold for woman at the age of 35 to 48 where woman who falls in this age group is facing the most overweight problem.

For evening events, you need special type of shrug bolero which sequin shrug is the best choice. By the way, how to create a sparkling look with a simple bolero? Below are few ideas which you can consider with.

Kimono Style

Create a Japanese kimono look now! Firstly put up a black tube top and skinny jean. Bind a taffeta fabric band on your waist and tie to form a bow knot at the back. Then fix a knot shape rhinestone brooch pin on the bottom right side of the waist band. Finally put up a nice lace black sequin shrug to complete the look. Make sure you get up smoky makeup and nice hair style. You can also get up other innovative shrugs to hug your shoulder like beaded sequin shrugs, silk sequined shrug etc.

Retro Style

Create an unforgettable retro-style with lovely vintage lace sequin shrugs and boleros. Firstly put up a maroon sleeveless wiggle dress. Then bind a thick fabric to form a wrap around waist belt. Next put up a vintage look short sleeve black lace sequin shrug, then you look sparkling and glittering with this retro style. Don’t forget to match this look with a pair of fascinating high heels.

Bohemian Style

Attending a party this evening, then create a Bohemian look. Firstly put up a bohemian style of tank top, with glittering beads along its collar line. Then get up a fitted black pant. Finally put up a cool silver dolman sleeve sequin shrug. Free your hair style for this look. Fair makeup will make you look cheer and refreshing. The most important thing is don’t forget to put up bib earrings and necklace.

Prom Style

There are many sequin shrugs and boleros suits for prom look. First put up a lime green tube form of mini prom dress with a black empire waist band. Then put up 3 4 quarter sleeve length of gold draping sequin shrugs, and then you are ready for the prom. Don’t forget to put up a pair of sexy high heel.

What is the best outfit for your evening apparels? It’s quite hard to say. Some people like thin, soft and supple material of coverlet like lace bolero. However some women love thick, weighted and heavier coverlet like wool swing coat. Different people come with different demand, somehow the purpose for putting up these outfits are about the same, which is to make it a decorative item for the entire fashion style. Also, to keep warm. This is due to most of the location for evening event is indoor base, hence with full air-conditioning. As such a proper coverlet is needed. Perhaps if the event have it at outdoor like beach and backyard, the shrug, cardigan, coat or sweater is needed too.

Main Usages

In your opinion, what would be the best bolero shrug for evening occasions? There’s a quick glance in my mind whereby these shrugs and boleros should come with sprinkling and glittering ornamental like sequin pieces, pearls, ribbons, gold drawstrings etc. In this case then a sequin shrug is definitely meet this requirements. In fact, with the help of these pieces, you don’t even need to put up many types of jewelries pieces like necklaces, bracelets, rings etc. The sparkling and shimmering effects of sequined shrug is able to perform better than any jewelry pieces. This make women excited, as they don’t need to invest more on expensive ornamental which the shrug is offering the best solutions for them.

Hottest Sequin Shrugs

Which sequin shrugs are the popular one? Actually there are quite many like sequined gold shrug, silver shrug etc, however the focus still goes to two typical selection of sequin shrug, which is silver sequin shrug and gold sequin shrug. Others like black sequin shrug with gold and silver sequin pieces also is required, however, they are not as popular as the gold and silver one. Nonetheless to make sure the silver and gold color series of sequin shrug looks elegant and versatile, you need to know the proper ways on how to dress it right. Therefore, where to get the correct tips and guidance for these shrugs or boleros? The answer is, this blog is absolutely your solution. Therefore, don’t turn your attention off from this site as I will keep offering you more spectacular and latest news on bolero shrug, inclusive of sequin shrug.

The Value

Do you think this shrug charged expensive than others? The answer is,, it depending on several factors. What are those factors? Take a look here.

Base Materials – If the sequin shrug is made of precious materials like cashmere wool and genuine leather, then it absolutely expensive compares to the one which is made of normal fabric.

Toppings – This factor is important as the prices and values of the toppings is the one which determine the value of a sequin shrug. For example, a black sequin shrug might become 3 times expensive than the normal one when it is topped with pink freshwater pearl and diamonds. Moreover for the one which is padded with solid gold pieces, it absolutely charged higher and is considered as the expensive garment for women.

Production – If a sequin shrug is designed by famous fashion designer like Michael Kor and Vera Wang, then it definitely come expensive as the name of the designer is a guarantee on the quality of the garment. For example, the one which is sold through blufly.com is the strong piece that developed from famous fashion designers and they are pretty expensive.

Sizes and Construct – Eventually, the value of a sequined shrug is also depending on its sizes and construct. Generally the one developed for bride is come much expensive as for the normal use. This is due to the style of the shrug for image needs to be different from the general use shrugs boleros. Moreover, the sizes and other construct like short sleeves, long sleeves as well as butterfly sleeves also are those factors that determined the value of these pieces.