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A pashmina shawl is developed of fabric that made of a type of fine quality cashmere wool. These wools are obtainable from pashmina goat which found in Nepal, Pakistan and northern part of India. As far as concern the shawl was perfectly weaved, hand-spun and embroidered in Kashmir, India. Previous time the shawl is only taking credit of the wide usages in India and Nepal. However the premium quality and favorable image of this fashion accessory has opened its market internationally. People from other corner of the world started to know the advantage for having this shawl. Thus more local pashmina shawls wholesale entities have open the market of this product to the external. In this case then people from other countries can buy the shawl straight from local suppliers. The local supplier usually collected the finished shawls from local industries that specialized in making the shawl. Nowadays the shawl has been produced in massive quantity and most are machine-made.


The pashmina shawls wrap is a great fashion accessory for women, even men. The shawl is able to offer you different look. It can be transform to a top within minutes as well as presents as cool coverlet or wrap for body. Moreover the shawl is also the beautiful substitute for waist belt when special styling is required like the dancer was putting up this shawl while performing belly dance. In Middle East countries like Jordan and Yemen, the woman is making pashmina shawl as their head cover. It is a requirement by religion and custom where the shawl is principally needed to cover head, face and neck part of woman (“aurat”). Somehow the shawl was chosen due to few privileges like super cooling, lightweight as well as soft touch. These cashmere pashmina shawls are absolutely the best solutions to make woman stay cozy under the hot weather throughout years. The shawl was required in different measurements. The long one covers till chest part and is considered the most popular.


There was no doubt on the advantage of pashmina shawls. In another word the piece is absolutely worth more than its prices. You will never get regret for buying it. The shawl is available for any uses, formal or casual styling both. For example the white pashmina shawl was used as the shoulder coverlet for bridal costume in some countries like India and Turkey. Thus those accented pashmina shawl wrap like sequined pashmina shawl and fringed pashmina shawl is the beautiful accessory to team up with classy evening gown. These pieces are the great solution when you are putting up shoulder-less gown, tops and dresses. For casual styling, you can match the shawl with tank top, tube etc. The shawl is a great accessory to enhance the versatile value of a casual styling. For example if you want to look generous on top of casual jeans and tees, this shawl is the best solution. Even the shawl is a perfect traveling accessory which is easy to carry and bring. Thus it will not cause your baggage heavier.