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A long sleeve shrug is always the favorite fashion accessory for women although they have large collections of dress shawls and scarves. Indeed woman is having their own collection of long shrug. Some reviews stated that long sleeve shrugs look uneven whereby the long length of sleeves of the shrug doesn’t go evenly with the body part of shrugs. Therefore certain women choose to not wearing long sleeve shrug and they prefer to go for square scarf or long shawl, which is coverlet only. By the way I got some reasons why you should put up a long sleeve shrug, here are the reasons.

To Prevent You From Coolness

Other than for look, you need this piece to prevent you from coolness. As far as concern this is one of the best fashion accessories which I think is best for keep warm, beyond shawls and scarves. This piece is even needed when you are working in a full air-conditioning controlled environment.

To Make You Look Better

The shrug is the ideal piece to make a lady looks better. In fact they are the best accessory to cover the thick arm. A long sleeve black shrug especially, is making a woman looks even slimmer. Therefore if you defend that a long shrug is solely for fashion styling then I will be the first one to against your statement. Somehow for fashion styling, the piece is absolutely adding value to your outfit. For certain decorated long sleeve shrugs like beaded long sleeved shrug and metallic silver long sleeve shrug; they are best pair with evening outfits like prom dress and tank gown.

To Prevent You From Sunlight

For a sudden outdoor appointment, you need coverlet for your shoulder, arm and hand; insists of a pencil dress or shift dress. Therefore a long sleeve shrug is absolutely your solution. The piece is even needed when it is in summer season where everyone is putting up sun block cream and foundation when go to work. However you can’t apply the sun block on shoulder; therefore long sleeve shrug is definitely the best item to perform this for you.

To Make Your Outfit Looks Formal

There were many types of long sleeve shrugs like long sleeve satin shrug and long sleeve silk shrug is suitable for formal uses. Formal here means you are making this piece as the fashion accessory for your office outfit. Many people convinced with the usages of shrugs when they found they look marvelous with these pieces. Regardless of which office style, the piece is able to make a woman looks formal.