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Leather vests make high-end fashion, for men and women. The vest is also the versatile choice to stun you under any circumstances. Previously people limited their perception on leather-made vest where these vests are principally for men and they are made for outdoor activities like biking. Possibly the vest had been recognized as the outdoor apparel for motorcycle bikers. By the way people today have truly made these vests as daily outerwear. They matches the vest with all kinds of clothing, includes tops and bottoms. Other than that more leather vests for men and women have been designed and recommended to the market. The leather vests for women especially, were varied from materials, outlook, pattern, style to its usages.

You can cozy up the vest with a warm sweater or play matches with classic-tailored look. Thus you can also make the vest looks as young as it can by matching it with lovely sundresses and floral skirts. You can decide various fashions with long or cropped leather vests. Below are some fashion tips.

Match with Jeans

Pair these vests with jeans; this is the smartest way to present the vest. Then get along the vest and jeans with simple design tops, for example plain crop t-shirt. You can also go for fitted tank top. If you own a black leather vest, more tops and jeans options to go. Match these black vests with any colors of tops like red, brown and pink. By the way white tees are always the perfect choice for these three pieces suits. Additionally, besides jeans pants, you may go for other jeans bottoms like jeans skirt, shorts etc.

Reinforce Decorous Look

This is something challenging when you need to match rustic styling leather vests with girly look top and bottom. Somehow there was ways to beef up this look. Firstly you can match the vest with ruffled blouse or any blouses that trimmed with lovely detailing like pleated seams and beaded decoration. Thus you can also match the vest with tunic loose blouses. Choose to complete this look with soft material bottom like wool pant. Be alert when choose the vest. Your option should be the leather vests that look simple, genuine and versatile, not motorcycle leather vest.

Punk Freak

A zipper up leather vest with obvious décor around is a way to complement punk style. Consider for creating punk rock style if you own this style of leather vests. Match the vest with t-shirt with your favorite band theme or any vintage style tops, then layer over the vest. Get along the above two pieces with cool jeans or leather pants. Enhance the image of punk by building exaggeration punk hairstyle and wearing rustic boots.

Sexy Night Out

Put sexy theme to your outfit tonight by including this vest with sexy dresses. Match the vest with tube mini dress. For example wearing a brown suede vest with white fitted lace mini dress and completes the look with sexy high boots. You can also match the vest with sexy bustier top and match these bottoms two with hot pants.

One of the methods to enhance men’s fashion is to add on a vest. Other than coat, sweater and jacket, vest is the best outerwear to create the fashion varieties for men. For example a tuxedo vest is strengthening the formal image for tuxedo suit. Thus a denim vest is the powerful garment that helps men to present in rustic. In fact the vests for men are varied from different aspects, for example material, designs, usages, detailing etc. As such for this season, men should pick one and create new fashion that he might not think before. The vest will absolutely give a surprising effect.

Like I mentioned earlier, there were tremendous vests for men come in different features and characteristics. As consumer, you should know which one best fit your requirements. Since different people have different requirements on the vest, the designer is bearing the responsibility to create new vest fashion for every season just to cater these needs. Plus these requirements will change overtime, follow different trend.

Leather Vest

The leather vest should be the first choice for men when they decided to choose a casual vest. Although sweater vests for men are popular, somehow leather vest welcoming too. Men always put leather vests as part of cool clothing, to team up with leather coats, pants, backpacks etc. The leather vests for men are made either in genuine or faux leather. Moreover these vests were presented in different styling and patterns. The faux leather made one was laying out in different colors like red, purple, blue and green other than classic black, brown and white. The best leather vest for men we would love to bring you is Dome Studded Biker Vest (Tumbled Leather) brought by shopstyle.com where the specialty feature of the vest will absolutely grab your attention. The vest is made of solid lambskin and embellished with spaced dome studs in several.

Fleece Vest

If warm concept is required for a fashion, casual men’s fashion indeed, try fleece vest out. As far as concern the fleece vests for men are the gifted pieces that hugged men’s body perfectly in every season, especially spring. The fleece vest is the perfect choice for men when they are day out for a casual date, for example soccer practice and meeting someone at the lounge area for a college lodge. The vest is thicker enough to against wind, dust and heat. The fleece vest that we would love to bring you is the Men’s Macro Fleece Vest from Timberland and this vest is currently offered by amazon.com. The vest is recognized best matched with Timberland Waffle and Jersey. The zipper pocket and mesh pocket bag is putting this vest in style. Men can consider this vest for fall and winter months.

Denim Vest

A denim vest is always the rustic choice for men. Men love to pair the vest with denim jeans and plain tees with list of denim vests for men choices in men’s fashion store. The vest is cool enough to style weekend and any casual events. You don’t feel pressure and tense up with the vest. As a matter of fact the denim vest is the most relaxing outerwear for men. The denim vest we think you should choose is the Star Denim Vest by Legend Lone. This button front denim vest is the perfect addition for denim clothing supporter. The vest currently is offered by shopstyle.com. It was crafted in eclectic-blend of fined quality cotton denim as well as striped chambray.

(Picture Source: Tumbled Leather Dome Studded Biker Waistcoat)