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If white color mean plain for you, then ivory is the answer. The ivory tone is staying between white and cream, beautiful and elegant. Therefore the elegance and versatility of ivory is applied on clothing, woman’s clothing indeed. Formal outfits especially, are developed in ivory shade. In fact many of them are for important uses. This color series of fabric is used for constructing gown, tube, shrugs, shawls etc. Many wedding gown and dresses especially, are developed in this shade. Besides fashion accessories like shrug and boleros also developed in the same tone.

Somehow today our focus is on ivory shrug, which is the beautiful and elegant piece which adds values to any wedding gown. The shrug is come with different forms like fur shrug, lace shrug or even plain fabric shrugs. The selection of these shrugs and boleros are depending on individual requirements, as well as the suitability for the shrug with the outfit. For example, an ivory lace shrug is paired perfectly with any types of wedding gown like satin gown and silk gown. Hence ivory fur shrug is matches only with wedding night gown, which is suitable for wedding night dinner. Moreover the fur shrug not suits with lace based of wedding gown. Therefore it is pretty important to identify the suitability of the shrug as with the gown or dresses.

Ivory Fur Shrug

The furs based of ivory shrugs are the sophisticated piece which makes elegant modeling, for any brides. In fact they also create the elegance and versatile image for women who plan to wear them for evening occasions. The shrug is developed either from genuine or synthetic fur which makes no obvious differences among the two. The shrug is best paired with plain gown, which doesn’t containing any complicated designs like ruffles, pleats etc. You need to understand that this ivory shrug should become the focus as compares to your other fashion accessories. Generally this shrug is connected by ribbons or accented strings, not button.

Ivory Lace Shrug

The Ivory lace shrug is another popular selection for ivory shrug. This kind of shrugs and boleros are the top pickings for brides, in fact their effect as glitter and shine as sequin shrug or silver shrug. They are lightweight and comfortable for wearing. You will not feel any burden by getting them on your shoulders. Hence the sophistication of the laces is making these pieces the focus for your evening outfit. You can match them with lace wedding gown or any other pattern and materials of wedding garment. However same as the fur shrugs boleros, they are looking great with simple designs of gowns and evening dresses.