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A bolero is a type of jacket that is worn open in the front that was originally worn by men and women in Spain. This is a short jacket, not reaching the wait, which can either have sleeves or not. Boleros may come in a variety of colours, styles and materials. Like the shrug, boleros offer cover-ups to your upper body flaws. One can either downplay a bolero or pump it up. To have a unique style, many opt for signature collars, embellishments such as chains, ribbons and pearls. A substitute for shawls and shrugs, this not only adds comfort but also warmth.
Boleros have become synonymous with weddings. Most bridesmaid gowns and mother of the bride gowns are worn with boleros.

The colour gold has made a comeback. This colour has become somewhat of a fad this year.  A common colour for the mother of the bride in weddings, the gold bolero is a versatile piece of wear. A gold bolero jacket can be styled according to what the wearer wants. The gold bolero is definitely be adding spice to your daily wardrobe. Wearing a bolero has a slimming effect and creates a diversion for the eyes to wander to your more appealing body part and not from the part you are trying to hide. Boleros would be highly effective for plump women in order that they can cover up their bulges in the upper body parts such as the shoulders and arms. Flattering on curvy women, the bolero is the perfect piece of clothing. As gold may be too aging for some younger women, it is advised that a matte gold type of clothing material be used for the gold bolero shrug of younger women. These can be found in most stores that also sell wedding dresses, prom gowns and the like.

A gold sequin bolero is best made when flat sequins are used. It is easier to attach these kinds of sequins to the cloth of your gold bolero. You can also mix the gold sequins with silver one to add more interesting details to your clothing.

The gold lace bolero can be paired with a simple gown. Lace creates a sort of drama and to match it with a lace gown would be overkill. Pearls are the perfect accessories for these kinds of gold boleros. Brooches can also be attached to boleros, be it lace or not, to create drama. For further coverage, a brooch can also be used to as closure to your bolero, that instead of a simple clasp, a dramatic or vintage brooch can be used to close the bolero of choice.

Accents in your bolero such as ruffles, ribbons or a big collar are just a  few of the ways you can make your bolero exactly your own.