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How many types of shrug sweater do you have? Some people might have more than a type. These shrugs are different from its cutting, designs, color as well as materials. For example a crochet shrug sweater is different from a satin shrug sweater for its materials firstly, and secondly goes to its ways of construct. In this case then crochet shrug sweaters need more effort for crocheting compares to the satin one. Therefore shrug sweater especially for girls shrugs sweater, is varied from one to another. By the way, the important thing to look at this sweater is probably their style, whether is developed in modern or vintage style. As far as concern not only modern style of the shrugs sweater is able to offer you great look. Perhaps many vintage styles of shrug sweaters are able to make you look beautiful as you desired.

However what are the differences between a vintage style shrug sweater compares to the contemporary design’s one? Take a look here.

Vintage Style Shrug Sweater

The vintage style of the shrug is come with unique features like cap sleeves, poncho styles and many of them are finished under crochet techniques. The piece is important for ladies during earlier centuries every time when they went out from a place. Some of their shrugs are bigger than the standard sizes of shrugs, is much equivalent to sweater forms. Nonetheless the shrug during that time is more on developed in loose fitting forms. Colorful of shrugs sweaters you can retrieved from pictures whereby black shrug sweater, brown shrug sweater and pink shrug sweater is the street fashion. Hence the shrug during that time is enriched with vintage accessories like cameo necklace, brooches and also accent pin. In addition the piece is used to match with vintage clothing like wiggle dress and pencil dress, which create lots of unforgettable vintage fashion styling.

Modern Style Shrug Sweater

The increase of demand and the changes in requirements on the shrug sweaters are the main factor that contributing to the varieties of shrug sweater offered in the market at present. The construct of the shrug is meeting every requirement for its sizes, collar type, sleeve forms, as well as other finishes, other finishes here inclusive of pocket patterns, art deco features, etc. Nonetheless there were no standard forms of the sweater or shrugs. Basically people now still can’t differentiate a shrug from a sweater or cardigan due to the designer is developed the shrug sweater by incorporating the features of cardigan and sweaters. Indeed this is the development on construction skills and techniques which we should proud of. Likewise the new form of the shrug is expected to be better for its look and functionality.