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The best word to describe a fur shrug is “elegance”. However there are more words to describe about this fashion piece as it contained unlimited fashion statement for ladies clothing. At this point of time we still differentiate these shrugs fewer than two main categories, which includes of genuine fur shrug and faux fur shrug. The genuine one of course is developed of genuine fur like fox fur, rabbit fur, mink fur etc. In contrast the faux fur one is developed of synthetic material like polyesters. The genuine fur shrug like rabbit fur shrug is far more expensive than the one which is developed of polyester. More than that, the genuine fur one is believed in quality as it is effective to keep warm. However the situation is changed now whereby people rather than go for faux fur shrug compares to the authentic fur one? What is the reason behind? Take a look.

A genuine fur shrug is believed in its ability to keep warm, probably triple times than the faux fur one. However the improvement is applied on the faux fur shrugs where they also managed to provide the equivalent effect as the genuine fur’s one. The developed is added fabric pad like wool fabric pad or cotton fabric pad as the base layer for the shrug. This step and idea is to add the warming ability of the shrug. Therefore with these additional finishes, faux fur shrugs becoming more functional. Hence the upgrade of construct for these shrugs is challenging the production of authentic animal fur of fur shrugs.

A faux fur shrug is offering the equivalent fashion impression as the genuine fur one. Since the genuine fur one is much expensive, thus people rather than go for the faux fur one where they still obtaining the same effect. In conjunction with that, with much affordable costing, the faux fur shrug comes much popular than the genuine fur one. Likewise people might not able to differentiate which one is constructed of genuine fur or synthetic fur. Moreover the two shrugs also offered with equivalent quality whereby two of them are sustainable for period. They are same as the worth investment for your wardrobe.

The increasing of awareness on wild animal protection is curing the illegal activities for abusing wild animals. In fact extracting and developing clothing from animal fur is considered as one of the discharged accusation. Therefore people started realizing the importance of environment as well as wild animal protection and they will not go for any finished product which is accusing wild animals. In lieu with that the sale of faux fur products like faux fur vest, faux fur handbag, faux leather furniture is becoming much popular than the genuine fur one.

Faux Fur Shrug is the perfect addition to any outfit, like camisole and tube tops. The material of the shrug is able to keep you feeling warm. Moreover it is able to make you looking stylish and trendy, chasing the modern fashion trend. Perhaps these shrugs are the key pieces for autumn and winter seasons, especially during year end. Furthermore the faux fur shrugs like black faux fur shrug and white faux fur shrug is looking great worn with all sorts of beautiful and flirting occasion dresses. For example an ivory faux fur shrug is matches well with ivory color of gown and dresses.

For Who?

The soft and delicate image of faux-fur shrug is always the reason why women buying them. Bride is getting this piece as fashion n accessory on top of their wedding gown. This is due to the reason of the shrug is able to present the luxurious and elegance image of bride. However nowadays faux fur shrugs no more applicable for brides only. It even not catered for evening functions and events uses only. The shrug is used as toppings for office and casual outfits. As far as concern the shape and design of the shrug have been modified to suit office and casual outfit. In fact this kind of shrug is believed with the ability to keep warm, make the user comfortable and away from coolness. This shrug is much applicable for OL who is working under full air-condition environment from morning to evening.

Toppings & Ornamental

The shrug like black faux fur shrug and white faux fur shrug is the common selection when women go for this feature of bolero shrug. For them black or white faux fur shrug is much easier to match with their outfit, all kinds of outfits indeed. Somehow a faux fur shrug will not be interesting and outstanding without any decorative ornamental or accessories. In connection with that the fashion designer starts thinking of adding value on these pieces. For example an ivory color of satin silk tie is being topped to the frontier of these shrugs boleros. Or else the lovely shrug is added with sparkling faux pearls and crystals at its hem and cuff line. Moreover the designer also is playing the design on collar line. It sewed beautiful and charming ribbons along the collar line, to make it the princess piece for ladies. The finished piece is absolutely destined for gowns or pencil skirt suit.

Since faux fur shrug will add value to your outfit, therefore there is no reason for you to delay for not buying it. Thus what are you waiting for, grab the latest faux fur shrug in this season by visiting giant fashion retailing stores like shopstyle.com. Then make this piece as the great gift item for the coming festive season.

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