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Velvet fabric is always the choice for making formal garments. Thus it is also the selected material for making costumes. The luxurious image of the velvet garments like velvet coat, velvet dress and velvet sweater is the main reason why they are popular. Men and women both like to wear velvet clothing indeed. However among all velvet clothing, velvet bolero jacket is the priority choice for women. The piece is needed for many occasions, formal one especially. The bolero is used to cover the shoulder on top of the sexy evening dress.

Different styles of velvet bolero is creating different look. Same the color is also one of the main features that determine the uses of this bolero jacket. The designer is playing the pattern by inserting ruffles, laces and ribbons at the sleeveless and closure of the bolero jacket. Thereby this makes the bolero jacket more sellable and marketable. The velvet ruffle cropped bolero jacket for example, is the eye-catchy piece with beautiful tiered ruffle collar. This type of velvet bolero is adding value to dress and blouses. Indeed it helps to keep warm, when you are night out.

By the way I’m sure you realized that the formal velvet bolero jacket like black velvet bolero is used for grandeur event. This happened when you realized the queen and princess would love to wear this piece on top of their silk or satin formal shift dress. Like I mentioned earlier the luxurious look of the bolero is the main reason why this piece is highly demanded. Likewise the velvet bolero like white velvet bolero jackets is also the hot choices for brides. The soft, gentle and genuine image of the white velvet bolero is needed for brides, to match with her elegant white or ivory wedding gown. Brides usually will match the bolero jacket with velvet clutch bag, even a pair of velvet fabric high pumps.

The elegant image of velvet bolero is lined with different materials, for example satin lining. Besides patterns and styles, the bolero jacket is also differentiating by its length. In fact most of them are measure approximately 12-18 inches from neck-line to hem-line. Like I said before, the piece will be embellishing with beautiful ornamental like sequin ribbons, beads, pearls, ribbons etc. For example the black velvet bolero was trimmed with sparkling silver metallic braid trims, which is around the neckline. Hence this kind of art deco velvet bolero jacket should be matching with nice tops, cool jeans or pants.

Don’t underestimate the power of a cropped velvet bolero; it makes massive fashion impact for you. Make this piece as one of your formal outfit collection where it helps to stun you for any formal events.

The black bolero jacket is performing as good as the white one; indeed this piece is a popular shoulder cover option for evening events when women found the piece adorned perfectly their evening outfits. The piece is constructed with different collar type and sleeves pattern. The Black Embroidered Bolero Jacket from Juicy Couture Water Lily Flutter for example is preparing the gorgeous groundwork where put woman in luxury fashion statement. The jacket is enhanced with beautiful floral embroidered detailing and developed of100% cotton. Besides to enhance the image of any evening outfits, these black bolero jackets also are the shoulder warmer that protects women from coolness especially for night events.

The black boleros like black satin bolero jacket, black lace bolero jacket and black velvet bolero jacket is the favorite outerwear selection for celebrities. Actually there were several reasons why the jacket was chosen. First it will not look as bulky and heavy as the full sweater. Basically full sweater is needed when weather start turning cool. Or else it is needed when women need extra fabrics to cover the love handles on their tummies. The women who is having fit waist, this piece is come just right of time. As such tremendous styling is available for this bolero jacket. The Anne Klein Black Bolero Jacket from New York example; is the eye-catchy black outerwear which is stylish and trendy. The piece is featured with hook eye front closure and ¾ lengths of sleeves where it is unique from any long sleeve or short sleeve black bolero jackets.

The jacket is made for different body sizes. In fact the black bolero jacket is strongly recommended by fashion designer where it effectively helps for making women look slimmer. In another say the jacket is a perfect coverlet for thick shoulder. For plum ladies who wish to wear sexy gown for formal events, it is always advisable to cover their shoulder with this color series of bolero shrug jackets. The Sangria Black Satin Polyester Bolero Jacket for example, is the piece which is able to perform great for any occasion. As far as concern the folded collar of this jacket is offering fancy look to many outfits. For your kind acknowledgement this piece is also the hottest selection for brides, who was chosen black gown for their wedding dinner. The bolero is making brides looks versatile and elegant as desired. However the black lace bolero jacket and black silk bolero shrug jacket is also the popular option for brides.

It is always a great investment to include a black bolero jacket to your closet. The piece is universal for any outfit as to any styling. You don’t need to worry whether the piece suits you as all types of black boleros are making women look better. The piece is lending the femininity show tremendously by making excrement elegant addition to ladies outfits for sure, thus have you bought it?

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