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Satin usually used for making women’s apparels like lingerie, nightgown, blouse, shorts, outerwear etc. It is also the appointed source for making the ballet Pointe shoe. Indeed satin is contributing tremendous in women’s fashion. It covers women’s fashion from top to toe. In this case then you should spend your time on satin bolero jacket, which is one of the most popular satin clothing between women. Why they are popular, possibly these reasons will help.

Decorous & Dignifying

The glossy and shimmering surface of satin is making this bolero jacket the chosen one for brides. Thus the piece is also the hot picking for women while attending formal dinner, proms, party, ceremony etc. It used to layer over evening gowns, especially satin fabric evening gown. The jacket is set off the noble image for a woman where this is the impact that many woman is looking for while they attending formal night occasions. More than what we think the satin bolero jackets actually are the great shoulder pads to make an evening gown look even more formal. Insists of looking sexy with shoulder-less tube gown, a satin bolero shrug is adding the dignify look for woman. For brides who are looking for dignify and decorous look during her big day, an elegant and versatile satin bolero is the best fashion for helping them to achieve this mission. The latest bridal fashion 2011 was included many of these jackets to the wedding gown. The response on these fashions is extremely hot, indeed.


The varieties of satin boleros and shrugs come to its color too. Same as other outer garment a satin bolero was designed in colorful. However no matter how far the varieties of these jackets go on colors, the black satin bolero and white satin bolero jacket are still the two that giving best sales for the shop. No doubt white satin boleros are meant for wedding gown; by the way the black satin bolero is popular as dinner coverlet too. The piece is absolutely universal to team up with all kinds of evening gown, pertaining all styles, patterns and colors. For example the black satin bolero jacket is looking beautiful with beige ruffle tube gown. At the same time this jacket is sexy with black lace gown. The bolero is looking fine with all kinds of brooches where most of the time women will enhance their evening look with lovely brooch pins like diamond brooch, jade brooch, sapphire brooch or even cameo brooch pin when retro styling is concerning.


Satin fabric is making you feel comfort, it is cooling and nurturing. This is the next reason you should include this piece to your wardrobe now. The softness and coziness of the jacket is ensuring you smile big throughout an event. You might not be disturbing by sweating and tickle. This privilege is also open bride’s trust on this bolero jacket which to make them as part of their fashion during the most important day in her life. For people who are allergic to lace or knitted clothing, try satin boleros out, it should be the best solution.

(Picture Source: Satin Bolero Jacket)

Black satin bolero is an elegant and sophisticated outerwear which every woman would love to own one. You might be wrong as these jackets are for evening uses only. Actually besides for evening events, the piece is also available for daytime use, for example as office outfit. The piece is popular as it easy to pair with other garments like shift dresses and pencil dress. Moreover the bolero also works well with tank tops and blouses. Normally women will complete this look with black skirt like satin pencil skirts or A-line skirts. Likewise for evening outfits, it usually used to match with classy gown.

There are several types of jewelries essentials which best match with black satin bolero jacket. These items are inclusive of like necklaces, earrings, brooches etc. As far as concern, they are best use to plain design of black satin bolero shrug.


A nice necklace will offer unlimited fashion impression for black satin bolero. A diamond pendant silver necklace for example, is the selected necklace when you put up a black satin bolero jacket with elegant silver tube gown. Other necklaces like gold necklace and pearl necklace also decorated the bolero nicely. As such, make sure you open for more options, to pick the best necklace to match with this bolero jacket.


Next to necklaces, definitely is earring. As far as concern all kinds of earrings are suitable for this bolero jacket. A pair of rose shape pink diamond necklace for example, is adding flair and charm for your black satin bolero shrug. It makes the bolero jacket more feminine and girly. Other than that cool earrings like hoop earrings and chandelier earrings also enhance the image for your black satin bolero jacket. However it is always a great idea for choosing the same metal base and stones of earrings and necklaces.


The 3rd jewelry item which is “pin” on the bolero jacket will make a satin bolero looks more standard and beautiful. The selection of the brooch is upon your interest. Means, you are free to choose the best which you think best match with your bolero jacket. A floral emerald brooch for example, is adding green shade for your bolero. Thus a nice pearl brooch for instance, will neutralize the dull tone of the bolero jacket, make it more “friendly” and decorous.


The final jewelry piece which I think will add value to a black satin bolero shrug is absolutely a nice hand bracelet. Although bracelet is worn on hand; nonetheless it helps for balancing the image of the bolero. It adds varieties and sophistication for the outfit, especially for the bracelet which comes with nice charms of bracelets.