Silver bolero is a type of short or cropped jacket in silver color. The piece is developed in silver color of fabric and the fabric can come with many sorts of materials like silk, satin, wool, chiffon, organza etc. Moreover the bolero is also constructed in different patterns like with ruffle detailing, pleated, sequin detailing, embroidery etc. In another word, a silver bolero jacket is a multipurpose garment which is come with many usages. Furthermore the piece is used for women from all age range, from toddler to elderly women.

As Stage Performance Costume

The bolero is used for performance, stage performance indeed. Most of the time you found people wearing this garment during their stage performance in school, public etc. The shining and glittering effect of the bolero jacket is the best weapon to attract people’s attention. For example the silver sequin bolero is worn by the sleeping princess when she found the old sewing machine inside the old castle. More than that, the silver bolero jacket is also worn by man who is holding the character of dancer during a performance. Compares to gold silver bolero, the silver boleros are more popular as it is easier to match with other performance costumes.

As Fashion Accessory For Occasional Event

The bolero jacket or shrug is recognized all for the use of occasional functions like wedding dinner and prom night. A silver sequin bolero for example, is used as the fashion accessory to match with silver color gown and dresses. Perhaps a silver bolero shrug like silver bolero ruffled shrug and silver satin sequin shrug is used by bride as accessory for their wedding gown. The garment goes well with many types of jewelries items. Almost all kinds of jewelries items are pairing well with them, some of them inclusive of like white gold necklace, diamond earrings etc. Other than that, the bolero is also getting along well with silver brooches and watches.

As Day Out Outer Garment

The bolero is absolutely the great piece for daily use; likewise they are used for ladies when they go to work and for casual appointments. Previous time the silver and gold garment is only used for night events. However the trend has changed now whereby the silver and gold clothing is for daily usages. In connection with that the silver bolero jacket and silver bolero shrug is used as the coverlet for tank top and sleeveless blouses. Other than that, the piece is also the best outerwear for shift dress, pencil dress and summer dress. Eventually if you need a coverlet which is not heavy and bulky, consider for this bolero jacket. It is portable, lightweight and easy to carry, compares to other coats and jackets.

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