As per our understanding, silver and gold outfits are meant for evening occasions. Mean, they are used only for party, prom night and wedding dinner. The reason silver and gold garments are recognized as evening outfits as they are outstanding than usual colors of clothing and apparels. Therefore many evening dresses, gowns as well as fashion accessories are developed in gold and silver like gold sequin dress, silver shrug, sequin earrings, sequin scarf etc. Thus these outfits and accessories are modified from time to time its shapes, patterns and designs to suits customer’s needs from time to time.

In Japanese & China Style

Somehow sequined bolero is made for other culture too. They are not constructed in formal, classy and trendy pattern which suits for modern style of gathering and events. These garments are made with retro and cultural styles to suit different functions and events. For example a kimono sequin bolero shrug is developed based on the inspiration of Japanese community. The garment is crafted in beautiful features of cranes, bamboos and all other items which best represent Japanese cultural and its societies. These arts, means the pictures, characters and graphics are developed and fixed with sequin pieces. Other than Japanese cultured sequin bolero shrug, you get to see amazing prints and designs on Chinese culture of sequin bolero too. As far as concern, for Chinese style of these shrugs boleros, they applied dragons and phoenix, which dragon represents man and phoenix representing woman. Then most of Chinese style of sequin bolero is developed of red sequins. The main reason is because of red is the lucky color of Chinese culture. Therefore most of them are in red; likewise if for other colors like gold sequin bolero, the red element will still take some part of it.

In India & Turkish Style

More cultural elements to see from India and Turkish sequined bolero. For India sequin bolero, the piece is padded with beautiful strings, chiffon as well as sequin pieces. Somehow the focus for the sequin shrug is come to the embroidery and knitting patterns. The skills and techniques applied are perfectly done from the outcomes. Most of them are crafted with floral prints, animal prints as well as the folk story among India community retrieving its history. Hence colorful sequin pieces are applied on these bolero shrugs. For Turkish style sequin boleros, it is as sophisticated as other types of sequin bolero shrug. The different is they are most in earth color series like brown, dark green and gray. The construct of Turkish style of bolero is emphasized more on the present life of Turkish community. Therefore the art applied on the shrug is more to the daily activities implemented by Turkish society and their inspiration and expectation for future.

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