You remember the story, right? Little Red Riding Hood with a hand basket of goodies for his Grammy and meets a wolf in the process. The wolf tries to talk to a sweet little girl of her yummies, but it will not give up. Think about his turn, he goes home and tries to get Grammy goodies that way. You always have the choice whether to dress a Little Red Riding Hood costume or not but ensure that you don’t talk to strangers on your way out to the party.

Little Red Riding Hood Costume is a famous fancy dress costume of all times which can be worn by all ages.
Main feature of Little Red Riding Hood is red hooded cape, you can wear almost anything you want under that heading and be well. A wonderful red skirt with white blouse is ideal, or you can also choose to wear all in red. If you want to stick to look cute and innocent, you can wear a suit more or go for a sexy red skirt with a short, perhaps one that is barely longer than your cape.

Little red riding hood capes must be worn with shoes or black boots. Boots are especially cute, whatever the length of your skirt is. Unlike other costumes, Little Red Riding Hood on red hooded cape does not need many accessories, not much makeup. She is an innocent little girl after all.

Since the course is what makes the suit and because it can be used for other costumes as well, make sure you choose a high-end look. Such perfect choice is velvet fabric for the red riding hood capes, satin red hooded capes is another excellent idea. Instead of a purse, wear a nice basket, but keep a tight grip on this, do not install unattended and never trust that says they are not a wolf.

If someone want to go for a trick or treat during Halloween season, this costume is best to prepare especially for kids. Adults can go a sexy version of this costume. They can opt for a short skirt with the short red hooded cape.

Little Red Riding Hood costume is inexpensive since picnic basket and red hooded cape are all you needed. You can try to choose any attire as a base under the hood but be sure it is not a red dress to keep the cape stand out together with a pair of red shoes may work very well with your costume. Those men can opt for the costume of a big bad wolf which only needed a wolf’s mask and a nightgown.

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