The world watched the royal wedding 2011, Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton where Kate presented her second wedding dress with an elegant, delightful and stunning white angora fur bolero cardigan. The bolero is the adorable piece that enlightening the whole fashion. It appears to make the wedding dress looks more striking and exquisite. This scenario told us the power of bolero shrug which is able to transform an image from nothing to something. For example a woman looks sexy with a strapless tube gown; however she will look proper and formal with the help of shrugs or boleros. Others like a woman will look elegant and classy instantly by wearing a fur bolero. There were lots of miracles created by a small piece of shrug bolero.

Wedding Shrug

The wedding shrugs 2011 emphasized on body silhouette. This brings the construct of the shrugs more fitted and stretching. Cap sleeves shrugs boleros still are the leading wedding boleros as it suits for most body shapes. Plus size brides look slimmer with cap sleeve bolero shrugs and slim brides look even slim than her slim body figure. Somehow there were certain brides who always looking for the unique style wedding bolero. In this case then the shrug with puffy sleeves, laces long sleeves, bell sleeves, dolman sleeves etc are the choices. These unique style wedding boleros created unlimited fashion for brides.

Casual Shrug

The casual shrug bolero like cotton shrug sweater and wool shrug cardigan never go out of style. As a matter of fact the piece became the daily outerwear for women. They will freely layer a bolero piece every time they going out from home. The piece is becoming their “pet” especially during summer when long wool coat and trench coat was not needed. The bolero piece is also the needed outer garment when they go for outdoor activities like watching basketball tournament, having dates with someone at outdoor coffee shop, go for lecture etc. The shrug or bolero is absolutely the piece that accessorized them to make them look better.

Formal Shrug

A formal bolero is strengthening the image of a woman. It makes a woman feels more confidence. Thus the bolero is a magic piece that creates few images for an office woman at a time. For example a woman requires a long sleeve satin bolero shrug when she needs to attend a meeting with her boss, customer and colleague. In fact she will take out this shrug piece after 5.

The shrug or bolero fashion is continued and more surprise is expecting. More ways work on this small piece to make it the powerful weapon for futuristic fashion. Thereby are you ready to shop one bolero shrug for yourself now? I hope you are.

The leather jacket theme for this season is warmness classic. The jacket in black leather is quintessential; however caramel or brown leather jackets are preferred if you want to stand out of pop. The blend theme between classic and pop is adding a new leather fashion trend among women and men and the aim is only one, which to rock out of leather fashion. Popular brands like Mike and Chris leather jackets, pelle pelle leather jackets etc were appeared inside many fashion guides and tips by fashion elites to enhance public’s confidence for wearing this material type of jacket.

The tips on wearing the jacket touches on many factors, firstly it should be the leather, either authentic leather or faux leather you are choosing. Secondly it should come to the issue of who will wear the jacket, whether it is the leather jackets for men or women; possibly for kids. Somehow the selection for kids leather jackets (for patterns and sizes) do not as varied as for adults, especially the leather jackets for women. In terms of length, possibly the cropped jacket is putting you in better shape. By the way for plus size buddies, long custom leather jackets make you look fine. The leather jacket does not as tricky as fitted tops which exposed your body curves entirely. Indeed this jacket is rescuing your body shape, helps to cover your tummies and waist. It worked best on most body shapes, perhaps.

Girly Gorgeous

The jacket is potentially making you look like dominatrix if you put it into the wrong way. You can turn this around by matching the right jacket with the right top and right bottom. First you should pair your leather jackets with softer material of feminine tops like wool tank top, best be the one in soft color series like pink, lime green, yellow, powder blue etc. Thus these tops are best compiled with feminine features like ruffles, pleats, ribbons etc. Choose to complete this look with lovely floral skirt or denim shorts. Finally tuck the girly gorgeous out with cute knitted hat and ankle boots.

Weekend Casual

Pair this jacket with versatile tops like tunic tops and cropped tops and get along both pieces with cool jeans. You can also match the jacket and top with corduroy bottom like corduroy pants and skirts. Make sure you release some accessories on this look like bib earrings, coral necklace or braided waist belt. As far as concern these accessories are important to shake you of stylish.

Night Errand

Ready for a hot date tonight, with your dream guy? Then you should get along the jacket with super sexy girly accessories. By the way your first task is to pick a nice girly dress, maybe a pair of sexy heels of boots. Adorning Accessories like heart shape earring and pearl ribbon necklace is adding marks to this outfit. Additionally fishnet tights will also add sexy naughty look of this outfit. Don’t forget to carry a leather clutch, the same color leather clutch handbag as the jacket.

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