A bolero shrug is defined as a short or mini sweater which is worn at upper natural waist line, which is padded your chest part from shoulder. They normally come open front, the frontier is closed with button, ribbon or knitted strings. The piece is getting more and more popular as other outfit and its designed is used to match with other garment. As far as concern, at this point of time, you managed to get the shrugs and boleros that come along with the dresses. For example, a long sleeveless gray wiggle dress is attached with a nice, sophisticated and beautiful gray knitted bolero shrug. All kinds of combinations are developed by the designers and the most important thing is the piece is managed to attract the interest for women from various ages’ ranges. Somehow they are available for office ladies, teenagers as well as toddlers.

What are the main usages of these garments? Are the garments are available to use for many activities? How sure you are these garments are suitable for these activities? Basically to make these shrugs and boleros as part of your successful fashion combination, you need to identify their categories. For men, there are bolero shrug for specific purposes. Here are some of my ideas on the suitability of the outfits for different locations and purposes.

Bolero Shrug for Party

If you are going for a party, it is a little bit simple for you to put up a plain black bolero shrug. In connection with that, there are two ways for you to go, either you select the shrugs boleros which are suitable for party or you modifying the current bolero shrug that you have now. If you choose to buy, and then make sure you get the pieces which are constructed of elegant textures like satin or velvet fabrics. Satin bolero shrug for example, is the smooth, shinning and elegant outfit which will absolutely add marks to your party wear. With the natural features of these elegant styles of bolero shrugs, you don’t need to top other sophisticated patterns of ornament. In contrast, if you failed to find one bolero shrug for the party use, then get it done your self.

Bolero Shrug for Daily Use

Beside for party use, the bolero is also a perfect daily outfit. Although the garment might not be as warm as a thick long cashmere sweater or coat, nonetheless it still managed to protect your shoulder, chest as well as arm. Recently the piece is being modified to formal forms which are enabling you to wear them as office garment. Moreover, recent office fashion trend is more to smart casual form now. In lieu with that, the bolero shrug is getting a place as office garment. Somehow they can become the daily office outfit for ladies. Other than that, of course the garment is used for informal agenda like shopping and gathering. As far as concern, these daily used shrugs and boleros are presented in different styles and patterns. Make sure you know which one to couple with the base wear or other apparels that you have.

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