Failed to look for your ideal bolero shrug? Then, you can always DIY one. I get these ideas after discovering several video clips through which I think is pretty cool for your guidance. These two videos are presenting the basic ways for making a shrug as you need. Perhaps, the second video is the one which recommended the way how for constructing the sophisticated lace bolero, which is the piece favorite by all. Take a look at these videos and keep your finger cross for constructing one for your self.

How to make a Shrug, 100th week episode, Threadbanger

Knitting the Ribbed Lace Bolero

Many of us only know how to “abuse” our outfit, however rare of us know how to care it. We will use it, wear it under the sunlight and in the rain and throw them inside washing machine afterwards. This how the shrugs and boleros will get spoil faster when we don’t know how to care it right. As such, you need to know some proper procedures and steps to care for these bolero shrugs. Below are some tips:

Basically, make sure you read and understand the washing instruction before you shop for a bolero shrug. As far as concern, some are available for machine wash but some are not. For those that is not for machine wash, hand wash and dry cleaning is applicable. However, if possible, it is always a good idea to look for an alternative to “dry-clean only” bolero or shrug. Choose the one that is machine-washable and managed to protect the interior construct of the garment. Moreover, make it as the piece that is available for frequently dry-cleaned which is prolonging the durability and appearance of the bolero shrug.


Remember for not washing your shrug with soap. This is because of general type of soap will taken the unique water-proof oil from the garment. Indeed you can simple clean and hose the garment down in the driveway, with the garden hose. Moreover you can even scrub it down with soft bristle brush. However for some thinner fabrcibs of shrug like chiffon shrug and organza fabric shrugs, you can’t brush it hard, it will spoil the texture of the shrugs for sure. If you can effectively take and spot clean the bolero shrugs, then you don’t have to send them to dry cleaning. You can save lots of budgets insist of a little effort.


The shrug and bolero needs to be hanging up for drying. As such, it is important for you to keep your garment with good quality of cloth hanger. Perhaps the hanger should be able to protect and keep the bolero shrug on its shape. If you are sending them to laundries, make sure you remind the shop to keep your outfit with good hanger, no matter right after washing or during the journey when they send it back to your home. As far as concern, plastic made heavy cloth hanger is preferred.

Last thing to remind you is don’t ever leave your shrugs and boleros inside cars and trucks, especially when hot days. As per our understanding, the hot weather will make your garment shrink and out of shape. This is the worst condition which I think you don’t wish to have. In fact you can’t do much if the piece is getting spoil under this condition.

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