Shrug is the useful piece when you feel you don’t want to get your shoulder expose entirely to people when you are wearing a camisole tops or tube top. They can be your best friend in order for making you feel better than before; however it can always be the harmful piece which put you in trouble. The difference between a shawl and shrug is, you can twist and spin around shawls till the shape and forms that you like. Somehow shrug is unable to perform it; you only can take them out if you don’t prefer them.

Be selective with your shrug is crucial for making sure your fashion style is appreciated by all. For me, color is always a concern for shrug’s selections. Generally people will go for black or white shrug insists of green or yellow. For them, black or white color of shrug is easier to match with other comparing to green shrug or pink shrug. Nonetheless, you can present the best fashion style with green shrugs if you know which garment should get along with them. Somehow, before you determine which garments goes well with green shrug sweater, here are few common mistakes which people normally people make on this color series of shrug.

Mistake 1: Match It with Green Tops

The first and most common mistake that women always do is they tend to pair the green shrug with same color series of tops or camisoles. This is a big mistake whereby green shrug like lime green short sleeve shrug should go along with white or black colors of tops. Contrast effect is needed to make the shrug as the focal point of the entire fashion style. Moreover green top is not creating any effect for the shrug. The shrug is just served like an added shoulder coverlet for the tops and it make you look even odd. Therefore, please bear in mind that always stay your green shrug away from green color series of tops and camisoles.

Mistake 2: Pair It With Short Necklace

The second mistake that people always do is basically they pair a short necklace with this bolero shrug. As far as concern, shrug is looking neutral and balance with long necklaces. This is due to the reason of long necklace like journey necklace is able to make you look thinner as the green shrug is putting you look flat at the first place. As such, keep all your short length necklaces inside your jewelry armoire and start pairing long necklaces with green shrugs.

Mistake 3: Plum Ladies Wearing It

This is not about fashion discrimination; however plum ladies are advisable to wear other color series of shrugs insists of the green one. Lime green shrug for case, is suitable for skinnier ladies compares to the plum one. This is because of green shrug sweater is making plum ladies look even shorter and flatter. Therefore, to look better, plum ladies should go for darker color series of shrugs like black or navy blue shrugs.

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We always think of ways for covering the weakness of our body part. The weakness that I mean is referring to whether we look plum, short or flat. A woman especially, is trying every single way to help them look slimmer. Perhaps, they try to achieve it through clothing and apparels. As far as concern, there are ways to make you look slimmer than your original body sizes. Somehow, it is always a great idea for obtaining these guidance and tips from professionals. Get the comment from someone who is expert in fashion pairing like fashion designers; if not you might need a little bit time for generating these information through fashion magazines and write up. As for your kind information, there are many useful online fashion resources which are good for you. Grab them from time to time, in order for not becoming fashion blunt.

Back to our topic just now, how to look slimmer than your original body sizes? This time, my solution to you is, get a piece of short sleeve shrug. Why not long sleeve shrug? The reason is because of some plum people doesn’t come with long arms and hands, thus long sleeves shrugs might not be suitable in terms of their body cutting. Nonetheless short sleeve shrugs will be suitable for anyone of them as the sleeve is only take 1/3 or lesser than their arm. The shrug like black short sleeve shrug will absolutely make plum ladies look skinnier when they pair it with black long slacks and bright color series of camisole tops like white camisoles. The shrug is able to cover your thick shoulder and arm and make it not obvious shown in to people. Somehow it also served as great fashion styling to make plum ladies look better. The garment is not only used for casual activities, they are also worn for formal occasion like you can put them up during dinner or party. The one which will make you look nice in formal dinner would be like plus sizes of short sleeves sequin shrugs or the one which is made of luxury look fabrics like satin or silk.

Take a look at few of my selection as below of the shrugs which I think they are cool enough to become the daily outfit for plum ladies.

Plus Size Knitted Short Sleeve Shrug
This blue knitted short sleeve shrug is sold with the price of $34.50. They are also offered in other color like green shrug. As far as concern, the piece is come with perfect finishes which is available to any outfits. Hence the ribbed cuffs and plackets are adding supreme texture and fashion detailing for these shrugs and boleros. They are developed of cotton fully and are the super supple piece which makes women comfort all the time. They are available for machine washing.

  • Length: 17.5″
  • Sizes: 14/16 – 26/28

Ribbed Plus Sizes White Short Sleeve Shrug
This genuine and feminine look of white short sleeve shrug is sole at $24.99. They are open front and padded with beautiful ribbed edge for a finished and professional look. This piece is pairing spectacularly with any blouses and tops in your wardrobe, especially for darker color series of tubes or camisoles. The garments constructed of blended materials, yet nylon and cotton. They are easy to care for; as such these shrugs are available for machine wash.

  • Length: 17”, 19”
  • Sizes: XS-XL, 1X-4X

Open Weave Shrug
Compares to black short sleeve shrug, this piece is much brighter, because they are in white, and knitted white. The piece is sold at the prices of $24.99 before and now it comes to $18.74, which much cheaper than before. As per our observation, the airy open weave button for the front part of these short sleeve shrugs are layered perfectly over the short sleeves of the shrugs. They are developed from cotton fully; same like others and the outfit is available for machine washing.

  • Length: 18 1/2″ long, 20 3/4″ long
  • Sizes S-XL, Sizes 1X-3X

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