Pair gold shrug with gold outfits? That is the wrong concept. Indeed gold shrugs should match with other color series of outfit, especially black or white garments. Basically there are two functions for these bolero shrugs.

i) For Stage Performance
The gold shrug like gold satin shrug and gold silk shrug is for stage performance, as costume, ore precisely called as outerwear for costumes. Generally the shrug for this purpose is incredibly decorating, means they are topped with all kinds of ornamental, as obvious as possible. For example the shrug is topped with big fabric roses or huge star sequin pieces, to make it like a sparkling gold sequin shrug. The construct and design of this kind of gold shrug sweater is aid for attention as well as for the visual effect. Therefore this kind of shrug is generally kept after use, not for daily outfit.

ii) For Evening Use
Somehow the gold shrug is developed in more decorous way whereby they are used for evening occasions. As far as concern these pieces are considered one of the best fashion accessories to increase glittering effects for the user. Somehow they ought to be constructed in simple design and mode; which make ladies look elegant and presentable. For example a simple and elegant gold chiffon shrug or silver shrug is able to create value for your evening outfit like simple white tube gown and black halter dress. Moreover with the presence of these pieces, you don’t even need to wear necklaces or other neck warmers.

What Used For Making Gold Shrug?
Like I mentioned earlier, gold bolero shrug is made with many types of materials and each type of them is suits for different fashion styles. Somehow the generous material used for making these shrugs sweaters would be satin and silk. Satin fabric especially, is the perfect textile for making the shrug. Other than that the shrug is also made by chiffon, organza and wool. For ladies who prefer a lightweight shrugs, then organza or chiffon fabric of gold shrug sweater is definitely the top notch option.

What Make Gold Shrug Look Different?
Design or pattern of the shrug is the main factor for making a gold shrug to look different from another. Principally simple design of these shrugs is much appreciated by others which the shrug doesn’t contained any toppings and ornamental. Nonetheless a gold shrug sweater is looking great if you know which type of ornamental will add value for it. For example, pair the shrug with several small gold fabric roses; it makes your shrug looks elegant and charming. Or else you can add some gold beads and gold sequin pieces at the cuff side and collar line; it adds the sparkling effect of the garment.

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