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A tuxedo suit is looking imperfect without tuxedo vest. The vest is to enhance the look for men who put up tuxedo coat, bowtie, necktie, shirt and pant. In another word the vest is making men look brilliant for formal events. The tuxedo vests offered in many tuxedo clothing stores, somehow these vests are distinguishing from one to another based on various features like materials, sizes, styles etc. For example a satin white tuxedo vest is differing from wool made white tuxedo vests. In fact both of them are used for different occasions. Besides materials, the vest is presented in different styling too. For example there were these vests for gala dinner, proms and music theme performance show. However the construct for the vest is about the same where most these vests are come with V neck shape and front button closure.


The vest is accessorized with ties, bowties, scarves etc. The tuxedo vest and tie sets for examples are the preferred choices for men where they don’t crack their heads to think of which accessory that best match their tuxedo. Usually the tuxedo vest and tie set comes in same design, with same print and material, for case like the gray silk made tuxedo vest with gray silk tie. Both are adorned with white circle prints. The special feature of these vests is also brought to the international fashion show recently if you alert to the latest fashion news. The designer is combining the casual element to the formal construct of the vest. For example a camouflage tuxedo vest is implying the message of rustic layering over the formal. By the way not many people can accept the new design as people have prototype the tuxedo vest as formal wear. By the way no harm for keeping one of these unique vests as one day you might find it useful.


How to make tuxedo vest looks as perfect as it can? The secret is to ensure the vest is fitted to your body perfectly. As far as concern incorrect sizes of these vests will spoil the overall look. In conjunction with that you should try the vest out together with other tuxedo accessories includes coat, shirt, pants and belt. Get the correct body measurement, especially for your chest before picking the vest. For people who cannot carrying any mistake on these vests, you are advised to custom made one, insists of buying. Have someone with you while selecting the vest or time when tailor is taking your body measurement. This step is required specifically when you go for a non-stretchable tuxedo vest. You need to understand that there was no turning back if measurement taken wrongly for the non-stretching material type of tuxedo vests, like satin vest. Therefore for safety purposes, some men prefer to go for stretchy tuxedos vest where the vest is still available if they grow in size. For women’s tuxedos vests, same like the men’s one, extra effort should be putting on the chest part where the vest should contained larger bust line. Make yourself clear about your own body measurement before the tailor is getting it from you.

Fit yourself with a casual vest now! Keep away all your formal vests, put up a casual vest and get ready for a vacation trip. Nonetheless style the vest before wearing it out. How to style them out anyway?

First you can get along the vest with long sleeve shirt. You can choose to button or unbutton the vest. You can go for denim vest, linen vest or cotton vest. Then to enhance the look of the vest, you can add on a thin necktie.

Secondly match the vest with casual tees, short sleeve tees indeed. Then complete the look with faded jeans. The vest is best in denim or jean, to team up with your jeans.

Third, analyst all the casual vests for men in the market, select the one that close to the style of business casual vest, which is look smart formal but casual feel. Then match the vest with cool wool pant, casual wool pant indeed. You can wear the vest alone by itself; it makes you look rustic and trendy. Pick the best that fit your style.

By the way, insist of investigating the casual vest styles available; let’s know several popular casual vests offered.

Zipper Front Mens Casual Vest

The vest is made of soft and comfortable cotton fabric; the fabric is perfectly knitted by cotton, indeed. The vest hits middle hip and perfect for many tops. The vest is fashioned with princess seams. Moreover it was enhanced with vertical panel for slimmer silhouettes. Thus this men casual vest is added with front zipper and on-seam pocket. Machine wash is available for the vest.

Men’s Casual Micro-fiber Wind Vest by Port Authority

This is a sporty style casual vest for men. However, the vest is available with or without the striped trimming. The vest is made of solid micro-fiber and perfectly lined by nylon. The vest is featured with rib knitted neck style, arm-holes as well as cool waistband. Moreover the vest is enhanced with locker loop and side seam pockets.

Moncler Smart Casual Vest

This stylish men’s vest is made of 100% high density composite fabric. The vest is waterproof and windproof. It is breathable and possessed with strong anti-running hair exterior. The down filling of the vest is able to reduce the running hair condition. You can use the vest under any weather condition, even with high heat retention.

J.G. Glover Harris Wool Tweed Vest

The vest is made in virgin wool. It is handcrafted on in-home looms of Hebridean artisan and supported by Harris Tweed Authority inspector. The vest comes with front zipper and stand up collar, with corduroy lining. Thus it was enhanced with special hand pockets.

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