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A bandeau top is flexible for all kinds of outerwear like sweaters, jackets, cardigan, coats etc. Thus the piece is looking sexy and charming with sheer blouses. Some people recognized it as bra top; actually it might be correct, unless the bandeau tops are developed with thick stretchy materials and come together with bra sponges. In another interpretation, if a bandeau top like cotton bandeau tops come with bra sponge pads and it fits or over bra measurements then we can classified it as bra top. Nonetheless the function of this top is far more than a bra. The piece is able to be wearing solely by its own. This is proven when dancer or performers worn the metallic bandeau tops for layering during dance performances. One of the best examples of metallic base of these tops are the one from Natalie’s which the top comes with adjustable straps.

Latest Trend

The latest trend is emphasized more on the beauty of these tops whereby the top is paired with latest fashion. Different looks are created just to fit different needs. For example the polka dot bandeau top is teaming up with short sleeve sheer black blouse. Then the zebra print bandeau tops are getting along with long black cardigan. The polka dot bandeau top is reminded us about retro-style fashion which back to 50’s and 60’s. Somehow the plain one or the shimmering one like metallic bandeau top that I’ve mentioned earlier is greatly demanded in this latest century. Not only street fashion, women also make it as swimwear. They get style too while wearing bandeau tops swimwear while swimming.


Ladies, if you plan to wear bandeau tops this summer, then make sure you start dieting now. As far as concern fit tummy, arm and waist is very important to present the beauty of this body tops. At least you don’t show over tummy fat in case you don’t have a fit waist. Thus ladies who love to wear this top must be confidence enough to show their body curve. The top is as good as bikini tops, show how big content is your bust. Thereby some people commented that summer is the time for women to compete each and other on their body and in this case, the bandeau tops played a vital role.

Take a look at several of these tops in the market where it is currently hot between women.

Sleeveless Printed Bandeau Top

This top heats the summer up. The top is come with nice tropical prints, features in colorful juicy colors indeed. Thus it comes with head-turning closure, basically it tights with a head turning fabric string. The piece is sleeveless. It hits hip and attached with removable pads at the bust part. The piece is as nice as any blouse top.

Strapless Seamless Black Bandeau Tube Top Bra

This piece is simple and pretty easy for wearing. It made of nylon, stretchy and flexible. The piece best become base wear for thin blouses. Somehow you can also wear it with nice sweaters and coats. The top is needed especially for dancing practices and performance.

2010 winter fashion week just over. Spring fashion 2011 is getting their step closer to fashion industry. The influx of people like celebrities and designer is influential enough to affect the popularity of an outfit. Proud to display off the shoulder tops where this garment is absolutely the best in comparing with others. The Shoulder Peony Top by D&G for example is the perfect short sleeve off the shoulder tops for women. Women go crazy on these tops as it achieved two purposes, sexy & versatile. In fact these two achievements met the requirements for every woman. Thereby in order to get a windy, sexy but beautiful top, off the shoulder top is definitely the choice.

How to wear off the shoulder tops?

The top can wear in several ways. Let’s start with the base wear. First you can wear the top by itself only, without any base wear. Bra tops become the base garment to support this top. You can wear a strapless bra or bra with colorful bra strips. You can choose to expose both side shoulders by fixing the tops to the middle. Thus you can also wear the tops by rendering one shoulder only. Different styling is possible for a simple tops, your creativity speaks. If you not sure how to arrange the fashion, seek the advice from the professionals, they able to tell you how to do.

Secondly, you can wear the tops with base garment. This done if you make off the shoulder tops as outerwear. Inside you can put up fitted outfit like strapless tank top, tube top, decorative girdle etc. For plus size off the shoulder tops, this step is compulsory to avoid from the condition by revealing your weaknesses. The base garment should be shorter than the outer tops. For example get along your pink sheer cute off the shoulder tops with light pink tank top.

Once you’ve determined yes or no to wear the tank top or tube top, the next thing you should look at it is the bottom wear. Basically this top suits for many bottom wear includes pants, leggings, skirts and dresses. For example match the off the shoulder tops forever 21 with skinny jeans. You can also match the off the shoulder tunic tops with leggings. For example match the leopard print off the shoulder top with black nylon leggings to create wild and sexy look.

The top looks beautiful with skirts too. You can match it with nice fitted pencil skirt, tube skirt, tulle skirt etc. However please don’t team it up with A-line skirt because it will make you look flatter. Therefore be alert when wearing these garments to ensure you win the praise but not ridicule.

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