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Cropped top is leading summer fashion. In fact the top is the most energetic fashion for many outdoor activities like beach volleyball match, cheer leaders, biking etc. However, do you know exactly what is crop top? A cropped top is basically a half size shirt that covers only chest part. People called these tops as belly shirts, tummy tops, cutoff shirts, midriff shirts etc. The top was exposed part of wearer’s abdomen, on tummy part. Cropped tops fashion is found during hot season like summer; however the top is forming new look with other fashion for other fashion. For example the top looks cool with long tank dress and this look is more for versatile compares to hot and sexy image for the top alone. There were plenty of cropped tops for women around, is not hard to get this item. The cheap cropped tops are around the corner for your best selection. By the way to ensure you get your ideal tops, read the below guides, it helps you to understand more about the tops.

Sizes & Shapes

The top comes in different measurements, for example the middle crop top where the top covered half belly part, thus an extreme cropped top is covered chest part only, is hot and sexy. The top is offered in different shapes to, for example the loose tunic short crop tops or the fitted cropping top. Now the chess is on your hand to pick the best length and size of top that meet your preferences. The selection also depending on how daring you are to choose the one that fitted your body. For slim waist lady, you might go for the one hat above belly button.

Cropped Tops Fashion

You need to choose the bottom or base wear to match with these tops. Before buying any cropped size top, make sure you know what to pair with them. For example you are encouraged to buy this top if you know you can match the top with your high-waist denim pants. The high-waist part is able to cover part of tummy. Thus if you own a gorgeous tank top, then make sure you team it up with this top. As shown by many recent fashion shows, cropped tops are attached with nice tank top. This fashion was inspired by Hip Hoop street culture and meant for youngsters.

Multipurpose Tops

A crop top is a multipurpose top where to use for formal and casual occasions. This statement might contradict with general perception on the top where it was meant for casual and outdoor. Actually the top is for formal purpose too if it was constructed of formal materials and features. For example a satin cropped top is a beautiful layer for satin tube gown and this fashion is for prom and night events. There were certain tops for office look, for example a polka dot wool crop top is used to cover a cap sleeve polka dot pencil dress. You can keep the top as classy as you wish if you know which fashion going well with it.

The celebration of party starts with a party tops! There were tremendous party tops for women for different designs, materials and sizes. You can catch up their varieties through different brands. There were flexi and plus size party tops on sale where you can choose the best that fits you, the most important thing is to select the best that can stay longer comfort with you. Below are several looks you can create from different features of party tops.

Sparkling Look

To create a sparkling look for a party, you need Sequin Mesh Top from Robert Rodriguez. These cute party tops are the ideal choices where it makes you stand out from the rest. As far as concern the sheer mesh yoke and sequins bodice are those perfect features that make you charming and outstanding. You stay sparkling from the crowd; everyone will draw their attention to you. Thus these gorgeous sleeveless party tops was enhanced with cool features like scoop shape neck, flare bottom hems etc. The top is made of 100% silk and it was perfectly lined by polyester. You can match these tops with fitted pants or denims. Thus you can also get along them with flirting mini skirt.

Generous Look

For those of you who are looking for generous look party top, this lace top is the choice, the Julia Lace Top from Lucky Brand. The piece is made of 100% cotton with lovely lace print. The top is in ivory and is open front. By the way you need to match the top with a under layered tank top. Since the top is in ivory, thereby you can consider for matching the top with white or ivory tank top. This outerwear is also the perfect party tops for juniors. Indeed it was made mainly for teenagers.

Exotic Look

Rock the party with Cheetah One Shoulder Party Top from The top is best pair with Wet Seal jeans. The whole piece is made of 92% polyester and 8% rayon. These sexy and exotic party tops are enhanced with great looking one shoulder ruffle sleeve. Thus it attaches with one flexible stretch belt. The cinch top is for comfort fitting. Match the top with skinny jeans or shorts. You can also match it with cheetah print mini skirt or tights.

Versatile Look

The Ampe Asymmetric Stretch Silk Top from Zero+MariaCornejo’s should be your selection if you desire for a versatile party look. In fact you can match these flirting party tops with jeans and dresses. The top is come with sexy twisted shoulder straps. Then it was enhanced with asymmetric neck style as well as directional edges. The top is stretchy and flexible for various body sizes. You can also style these party tops women with versatile bottom like fitted wool pant or sleek leather pant. The top is looking cool and sexy with shorts too like denim shorts. But then for those of you, who decide to get along these tops with shorts, make sure you put up a pair of sexy knee-length boots.

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