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You sure will confident with a tie front shrug, I can guarantee that. The main reason is because of the tie of the shrug is able to make you look smart, which you don’t ever need to think of wearing any fashion accessories like necklaces or scarves. Indeed the front tie is the best piece to make you looks elegant, professional and charming. Likewise it also add style and value to your shrug sweater, make it more patterns and sophistication.

Types of Tie Font Shrug Sweater

All kinds of tie front shrug sweater you can get from the market. The main difference is the shape and pattern of the front ties other than the color, shape and pattern of the shrug. Somehow the shrug like black tie front shrug and white tie front shrug is much popular than other color series of tie front shrugs. The main reason is because of these garments are easier to match with other outfits like tops, skirts and pants. As such, to avoid for pairing the wrong fashion, always go for black or white clothing. You will never go wrong with them.


The tie-front bolero shrug is adorned with lovely ornamental like pearls, beads, crystals, etc. The ornamental is mainly for decoration indeed. Some of these shrugs are adorned with lovely beads and crochets on its ties which make the tie look special and beautiful. For example the tie is crocheted fully and it becoming the focal point for the entire outfit. Other than that some of the shrug is fixed with unique front ties like sequin front ties and chiffon front tie. However most of the ties of these shrugs sweater are developed with same materials as their shrug pieces.

Why Tie Front Shrugs?

There were several benefits for wearing these shrugs sweaters. Like I mentioned earlier, the main reason for choosing these patterns of shrug is because of they make woman looks beautiful and professional. However there are other reasons behind. For example this kind of shrug sweater is able to make woman looks slimmer than its original sizes. This is due to the tie is able to pull the neckline to make your neck and upper body part looks longer and thinner. Moreover it will captivate all attention which people might not focus on your body sizes. In this case we can assume that this shrug sweater is becoming one of the best outer garments which make woman looks confidence. Likewise it creates more fashion option for woman.

A bolero sweater is developed of several types of materials; nonetheless most of them are made with comfort and soft kind of materials like cotton or wool. As sweater is a needed garment for cool weather; likewise for people who are working under fully air-con equipped environment also needs them. The bolero sweater is different from other sweater in terms of its sizes. This means the sweater is come shorter than others as bolero is principally a type of short jacket which is open front. Therefore we can call this garment as a type of short sweater which is responsible to keep warm, moreover is for decorating your outfit.

The bolero sweaters are the favorite shoulder and arm coverlet for women. A black bolero sweater with front ruffled detailing for example; is the best fashion accessory to make a plain camisole top interesting. In fact this is the main reason why women love this item. As far as concern most of the girls bolero sweater is designed with unique features like shawl collars, rib trimmed, ribbon details and you can’t find these features on men’s bolero sweater. Therefore the designer needs to think of many possibilities of designing this garment in order to fulfill the requirement from ladies customers. Others the concern on materials also is another challenge from the producer of the bolero sweaters. Nowadays women is requiring of quality garments comparing to the in-quality one. They willing to pay insist of getting quality garment which will last longer with them. In connection with that, the producer of the bolero shrug sweater needs to look after the quality of materials for the bolero sweater. Specific quality control is needed in order to produce the garment which is meeting the standard as well as the requirements from the customer.

The sweater is also a favorite garment for men; however the interest and popularity of the garment does not as heat as for women. Men treated bolero sweaters as the occasional garment where they only wear them during special event or festival. Basically followed previous practice the bolero sweater like black bolero sweater is mainly for ladies, not for men. Somehow the new fashion instinct is changing this traditional concept whereby the sweater is becoming a type of men’s clothing too. Therefore you get to see the trendy and chic short black bolero sweater worn by men in any international fashion show. Other than that you also noticed many of your guy’s friends are wearing the sweater to school or to work. The trend is change where the sweater is for both men and women. However the effect brought by the garment is the same, which is adding the fashion value to your outfit.

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