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Although some men these days have adopted the mode of either the trail or a statement, a fur stole was a garment worn primarily by women. Fur stoles are generally smaller than a shawl, but bigger than a scarf, rectangular in shape and lined with another fabric, but they vary considerably in size, shape, and design. Its destiny opportunity and growing as these garments are generally considered classy and formal is the main identifying characteristic of the stole. A fur stole can be made of any fur of an animal, or an artificial replacement, as the appearance of the fur is maintained.

In traditional setting, a fur stole is worn around the neck with the ends dangling in front of the body generally. Sometimes, a pin or other pin is used to connect the two sides of the stole in the face. Some clothing marketed as wraps are much shorter or more of traditional scarf, looking like either a mantle or scarf. The way a stole should be worn is highly dependent on the designer’s intentions.

Similarly, the construction of a fur stole can be very variable. Some are made from flat strips of fur or faux fur sewn together, while others use both head and tail at each end. Much shorter fur stoles are made from a single animal, the maintenance of all major body parts including legs, head and tail. Coating materials are generally thin, high quality fabrics such as satin or silk.

The fur of an animal can be used in a fur stole, and properties of fur in general to determine the price of the stole. Rabbit fur stoles, for example, are much less expensive than mink stoles. Other fur foxes, beavers, and dogs. Furs of endangered species and rare are sometimes used, but this is not common to both because these are expensive furs and because killing these animals is frowned upon by many modern societies. That is why faux fur stole is made.

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