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What make sweater shrugs different from a sweater or shrug? A sweater is a full top, whether is with sleeves or without sleeves, with collar or without collar and cover bust, tummy and shoulder. A shrug is a shoulder coverlet best cover your shoulder or perhaps arms. The shrug is cropped, short and some achieved bust line but some are not. In lieu with this the smart designer is getting these two pieces together, to form sweater shrug. The piece is basically a sweater top which is enhanced by shoulder shrug. At present time most sweater shrugs for girls are either in short sleeves or long sleeves. The latest trend for sweater shrugs 2011 also emphasis on the detailing where more ornamental is added to the shrug insists of the sweater. Gorgeous ornamental like sequins, beads and leather strip was fixed on the shrug top to enhance its glittering effect. Moreover this top becomes more and more popular among women. By the way what factor contributes to their popularities? Take a look now.

Two Styles in One Top

A piece of sweater shrug can offer you two styles. In another word you don’t need to wear two pieces now, they are all in one. The sweater and shrug now staying harmony to offer you great styles. You look smart as your sweater looks as well as genuine look as your shrug look, everything goes perfect. The shrug is able to solve your problem to cover your thick arm and you feel your shoulder was protected fully indeed.

Portable & Lightweight

Two pieces of clothing sometimes make you uncomfortable; this is where the ideas of sweater shrugs come. You don’t need to bare the weight of sweater and shrug. In fact you only feel one weight for two pieces. The lightweight feeling is great to make you cheer for the day. Thereby you don’t need to think of sweater or shrug now; all you need to do is buy only one, sweater shrug.

Affordable & Cost Effective

We always concerning about prices when buying clothes. The sweater shrugs have solved our problem where it is cost savvy. You don’t need to spend twice for different clothing. For example previous time you need to spend $29.90 for a turtleneck sleeveless sweater and $19.90 for a shrug to and it brings you total of $49.80. Nonetheless for one piece sweater shrugs, you only need to pay $29.00; you can save the remaining $20.80 which you can spend for other purposes. Don’t you think it is a great deal?

Feel not comfortable for wearing a strapless tube top? Need some adornment to your shoulder when you found all your jackets and coats does not make you look well? Then is the time to solve your problem with a nice sweater shrug. Sound strange with sweater shrugs? Actually the piece is a fusion fashion, between as sweater and bolero shrug. The garment is best constructed by combining the essentials of sweaters and shrugs. For measurement wise, it slightly longer than shrugs but shorter many than any sweaters. The unique feature of this piece is making them popular among women. Indeed women found this piece is useful enough to solve their problem.

Which body type best need sweater shrug? Actually this is a good question where we need to look at it properly. For plus size ladies, this piece is absolutely the savior where it helps to cover their thick shoulder and fat arms. The 3 4 sleeves shrug for example, is capable enough to cover the body weak point of plus size ladies. We first recommend you to consider the 3 4 sleeve black sweater shrug from banana republic where the piece is gracefully stunning and perfect for various styling, for plus size ladies especially. Moreover these pieces are great during night out. You can match the shrug with casual clothing like jeans and tank top. Or else match it with sleeveless coat dress or tunics that hit equivalent or over hip line.

You need formal look of these shrugs? Then do not hesitate to buy Donna Ricco sweater shrug where the piece is offering you professional office look entirely. Take a look at the turquoise fitted cropped sweater shrug where the piece is making you look lively and refreshing all the time. You look like a warrior that prepares to face any new job challenges. The shrug is equivalent bust-line, thereby it best match with dress that come with waist loop right under bust. This dress is team up perfectly with Donna Ricco sweater shrugs. One way or another, besides high-waist office dress that we mentioned before, you can also match the shrug with other formal office clothing like shift dress, pencil dress or even separate clothing like sleeveless sweater with pencil skirt.

More surprises on sweater shrug pattern. For example the plain form of black or white sweater shrug is embellished with lovely ornamentals like beads, crystals, ribbons, colorful stitches etc. These ornamentals created a focal point on your shrug thus to attract attention. In another word it helps to enhance the value of it. For example the one with nice pinky ribbon is the prior sweater shrug for girls where they found ribbon is their favorite ornamental and pink is their favorite color.

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