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Long sleeve shrugs have turn out to be the most up to date fashion for everyone nowadays. In fact the piece is a great alternative for other outerwear like sweaters, cardigans and coats. The shrug is looking great with any outfits, either formal or informal outfits. For example silver sequined long sleeve shrug looking versatile with long silver tank dress. The shrug is looking relax with casual clothing like tank top and jeans. You can also create smart casual fashion from the shrug, for example match a black long sleeve shrug with a white sleeveless turtleneck sweater as well as a white hippie skirt. By the way, when would be the right time to wear this piece? Other than that, the shrug is best for which occasions?

When would be the right time to wear long sleeve shrugs? The best time to wear this piece is during cool weather. Thereby winter is the best period to wear this shrug. You can ensemble the shrug with many winter tops like cashmere wool tops, sleeveless turtleneck sweater, V neck sweater etc. The shrug is able to cover arms and hands part. It prevents you from coolness, keep you stay warm and cozy. If you live in tropical countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam etc, the shrug is a great substitute for coat or cardigan when you are working inside a full air-conditional office. The best thing about long sleeved shrug is it is able to prevent you from coolness when you be inside air-con room, but at the same time would not make you feel heated and uncomfortable when you walk out from the air-con room.

Actually the shrug is more suitable for casual look, unless it is embellished with dazzling ornamentals like sequins, crystal beads, rhinestones, metallic fringe etc. By the way many modern forms of casual long sleeve shrugs sweater are adorned with striking ornamental. The purpose of getting up the ornamental on the shrug is to enhance the image of the shrug. At the same time while wearing the shrug, you don’t need to wear any necklaces. For example you don’t need to put up any necklaces while wearing a rhinestone long sleeve shrug as the rhinestone pieces along the collar line of the shrug is best compete with any necklaces. Thus the shrug is able to decorate your plain tops and bottoms. Thereby women found it multipurpose and they can save time and money looking for suitable jewelries for their outfits.

Regardless you are the supporter for casual tank top or formal prom gown; you can always look marvelous with the long sleeve shrugs.

A shrug bolero is the savior for plus size women, especially for those who come with thick shoulder and fat arms. It helps to cover the expose part effectively. This contributes the reason why the shrug is best sold for woman at the age of 35 to 48 where woman who falls in this age group is facing the most overweight problem.

For evening events, you need special type of shrug bolero which sequin shrug is the best choice. By the way, how to create a sparkling look with a simple bolero? Below are few ideas which you can consider with.

Kimono Style

Create a Japanese kimono look now! Firstly put up a black tube top and skinny jean. Bind a taffeta fabric band on your waist and tie to form a bow knot at the back. Then fix a knot shape rhinestone brooch pin on the bottom right side of the waist band. Finally put up a nice lace black sequin shrug to complete the look. Make sure you get up smoky makeup and nice hair style. You can also get up other innovative shrugs to hug your shoulder like beaded sequin shrugs, silk sequined shrug etc.

Retro Style

Create an unforgettable retro-style with lovely vintage lace sequin shrugs and boleros. Firstly put up a maroon sleeveless wiggle dress. Then bind a thick fabric to form a wrap around waist belt. Next put up a vintage look short sleeve black lace sequin shrug, then you look sparkling and glittering with this retro style. Don’t forget to match this look with a pair of fascinating high heels.

Bohemian Style

Attending a party this evening, then create a Bohemian look. Firstly put up a bohemian style of tank top, with glittering beads along its collar line. Then get up a fitted black pant. Finally put up a cool silver dolman sleeve sequin shrug. Free your hair style for this look. Fair makeup will make you look cheer and refreshing. The most important thing is don’t forget to put up bib earrings and necklace.

Prom Style

There are many sequin shrugs and boleros suits for prom look. First put up a lime green tube form of mini prom dress with a black empire waist band. Then put up 3 4 quarter sleeve length of gold draping sequin shrugs, and then you are ready for the prom. Don’t forget to put up a pair of sexy high heel.

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