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The world watched the royal wedding 2011, Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton where Kate presented her second wedding dress with an elegant, delightful and stunning white angora fur bolero cardigan. The bolero is the adorable piece that enlightening the whole fashion. It appears to make the wedding dress looks more striking and exquisite. This scenario told us the power of bolero shrug which is able to transform an image from nothing to something. For example a woman looks sexy with a strapless tube gown; however she will look proper and formal with the help of shrugs or boleros. Others like a woman will look elegant and classy instantly by wearing a fur bolero. There were lots of miracles created by a small piece of shrug bolero.

Wedding Shrug

The wedding shrugs 2011 emphasized on body silhouette. This brings the construct of the shrugs more fitted and stretching. Cap sleeves shrugs boleros still are the leading wedding boleros as it suits for most body shapes. Plus size brides look slimmer with cap sleeve bolero shrugs and slim brides look even slim than her slim body figure. Somehow there were certain brides who always looking for the unique style wedding bolero. In this case then the shrug with puffy sleeves, laces long sleeves, bell sleeves, dolman sleeves etc are the choices. These unique style wedding boleros created unlimited fashion for brides.

Casual Shrug

The casual shrug bolero like cotton shrug sweater and wool shrug cardigan never go out of style. As a matter of fact the piece became the daily outerwear for women. They will freely layer a bolero piece every time they going out from home. The piece is becoming their “pet” especially during summer when long wool coat and trench coat was not needed. The bolero piece is also the needed outer garment when they go for outdoor activities like watching basketball tournament, having dates with someone at outdoor coffee shop, go for lecture etc. The shrug or bolero is absolutely the piece that accessorized them to make them look better.

Formal Shrug

A formal bolero is strengthening the image of a woman. It makes a woman feels more confidence. Thus the bolero is a magic piece that creates few images for an office woman at a time. For example a woman requires a long sleeve satin bolero shrug when she needs to attend a meeting with her boss, customer and colleague. In fact she will take out this shrug piece after 5.

The shrug or bolero fashion is continued and more surprise is expecting. More ways work on this small piece to make it the powerful weapon for futuristic fashion. Thereby are you ready to shop one bolero shrug for yourself now? I hope you are.

Shrugs and wraps are the best solutions when you can’t find a cardigan or coat to cover your nude shoulder and arm. These pieces are made in vast ranges of pattern, style and color and you can make the decision on which one to buy. Possibly you buy the piece for a special occasion, for example you are looking around formal shrugs and wraps for a formal prom where the shrug or wrap will become the coverlet for your formal tube prom gown. Other than that brides are looking for beautiful and versatile bridal shrugs and wraps to team up with their wedding gown, for example satin or silk shrug and wrap. The piece is perfect for almost all occasions, I can say in this way.

Be watchful when buying these pieces as the wrong selection will bring down the overall image of your fashion. For case, you should not pair a yellow long sleeve wool shrug wrap with emerald green silk prom dress, two pieces doesn’t match for each and other in terms of color, material and styles. Thus people might doubt about your fashion preferences when you getting along a red lace shrug with navy blue halter dress. In this manner you should know more about the shrug wrap before getting it up to your shoulder. Or else you should free yourself for more fashion tips from reputable fashion media like Elle and Marie Claire Fashion Magazine, international fashion shows, online fashion stores before create shrug fashion. Perhaps getting advice from fashion elite is another good method for dressing the shrugs and wraps for dresses in correct method. Again please bear in mind that wary thought of these pieces be capable for leading you to stunning look and creative fashion.

Buying Tips

Material – Material should be your first concern when buying these pieces. For example faux fur shrugs and wraps are principally needed for winter occasions like for brides during winter wedding ceremony. Moreover a lace shrug or bolero is the selection when you want to find a perfect shoulder coverlet for your lace gown.

Occasion – Make sure you know what shrug and bolero to be wearing for different occasion. Be assured your shrug piece is matches with the theme of the occasion. For example you decided to wear a cap sleeve vintage style lace shrug wrap for a retro theme party. Thus satin or silk bolero shrug either one of them is the ideal choice for a Country National Party which organized in world-class hotel.

Pattern – There were numerous shrugs and wraps patterns for your selections. By the way pick the one that matches with your taste and preferences. For woman who love sophisticated pattern of clothing, you may go for floral, dots, blocks, plaid prints of shrugs wraps. In contrast for those who love simple design, plain color shrugs bolero should be their selection.

Colors – Please lookout the colors of the shrug or bolero before buying. You may choose the shrug and boleros in your favorite color; nonetheless make sure it matches with the occasion theme. As far as concern bright color shrug wrap is talented to make you look fair. By the way many people preferred to buy darker tone shrug like navy, black and dark brown shrugs and wraps as these pieces are easily get along with other outfits.

Sizes – The last thing you should alert is when choosing the size of these pieces. Please make sure you comfortable with which sizing scale, Europe sizing or international standard sizing. Skinny lady was exposed to more sizing choices; somehow plus size lady should not feel upset as there were special plus size shrugs and wraps out there for your great selection.

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