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To make sure you shrug and cardigan looks new, you need to care for it. However do you realize that dry cleaning was not the best way to make your shrug cardigan looking new, just like you bought it yesterday? As far as concern most of the shrug cardigans are developed from soft materials like cashmere wool, silk, satin, cotton which will not stay clean inside any dry cleaner. Therefore your shrug cardigan will become softer if you washing it individually. Thus it helps for prolonging the life of your shrugs indeed. However this way is working provided you know the technique and using the right method. Moreover you need to select and use the correct type of detergent to wash your shrug cardigan. For example cashmere wool white or black shrug cardigan is washed by baby shampoo. Stain remover is applicable depending on situations.

First, fill Luke warm water into a sink or bucker and adding some recommended detergent, as shown by the instruction given, from your garment. If the recommended detergent was not given, then use mild detergent, it always brings neutral effects. Usually just a capful of detergent needed due to using over amount of detergent will not get your shrug cardigans sweater clean and dry faster. After you have pour the detergent, make sure you use your hand to agitate the water for creating the fine suds.

Secondly you can put your shrug cardigan like black shrug cardigan and cropped shrug cardigan inside the water. Then by using gentle touch squeeze the sudsy water through the garment. Let say you found stain and dirty part on the garment, you can always removing it by hand soap, its effect is far better than a stain remover indeed. After that you can soak the piece inside the soap water. It takes you about 20 to 30 minutes.

Third, rinse the shrug cardigans to water after soaking, wait until the water stay clear. Remember for not wring or twist the garment as this action will damage the fibers and texture of the garment. Moreover it causes the garment to lose its shape. However you are advised to gently press the water out of the shrugs. Afterwards place the piece elsewhere like cloths drying rack or bath towel holder, as long as it managed to hang the piece or offering flat surface to let it dry overnight. Remember for not put the piece directly under the sun as it spoils your shrug cardigan; likewise it makes the garment faded earlier.

Finally keep the piece in windy and great ventilation condition place to make sure the shrug cardigan will not get moldy and smelly.