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A sequined bolero is more needed as fashion accessory rather than an outer garment. Indeed women usually put up lesser necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings if they already wore a nice sequin bolero jacket. This is the magic of this bolero where it is able to put woman in classy style as and when required. As such people normally wear this petite shoulder cover to evening occasions like attending wedding dinner or any themes of party. The piece is shining enough to make a woman stand out from crowd. Thus it is also the great selection for performance costume to accompany sequin bodice dress, tees, pants and skirts. Most of the time this bolero is embellished with many sequin pieces which to make it called as sequin boleros. Nonetheless the new style of this bolero is more emphasis on its construct where touched on sleeve style, collar style, additional ornamental as well as measurement. In fact the focus of these boleros is changing from time to time and season to season. Therefore make sure you keep your eye open for any changes of offering for this bolero through reliable fashion sources like Elle magazines, Runaway shows etc.

Most sequined bolero is come with cap sleeves, which take ¼ upper arm parts. As far as concern almost all classic forms of sequin shrug is presented in this form. However the new fashion of this bolero is interesting where lengthy sleeve is applied to the bolero. Long sleeves have been topped to the bolero to enhance its image. For example the black sequin bolero jacket is connected with two thin sheer black chiffon butterfly sleeves. This beautiful form of sequined bolero is making them more like a coat rather than a shrug or bolero. The point is the additional sleeve is adding the performance of this bolero. For example the sleeves are the perfect cover for bloated arms and thick shoulder. Thus the long sleeved sequined bolero is more needed for cultured and traditional ceremony.

Besides sequin pieces designer is getting up other ornamental to make a sequin shrug bolero distinctive from usual sequins bolero. For example one shoulder side of this bolero jacket is topped with leather fringe strips. This is to offer rustic look for the bolero to have fusion fashion style. In fact you can match this look with leather studded accessories like leather studded bracelet or probably cool tattoos. Besides leather fringes, the bolero are topped with other lovely items too like beads, crystals, ribbons, tags etc. For example a white sequin bolero jacket is decorated with nice lace ribbon and this make the perfect jacket for toddlers. Think of any fashion possibilities from a small piece of sequined bolero? If not, start sourcing the ideas from sequins boleros around.

A nice bolero shrug will perfectly adorn a dress; this is proven when many 2011 series of wedding dresses are paired with beautiful shrugs or boleros. Somehow wedding shrugs for dresses are different from the rest as it usually constructed meticulously. Some of them under handwork which the shrug is custom made upon request. This kind of wedding shrug usually expensive due to it was developed to customize special order. By the way people willing to spend more just to get their personalized shrugs. They believed this kind of dress shrug is able to enhance value to the wedding dress as to the bride. In another way the shrug is needed for modest ceremony where ladies need proper manner look for this kind of event and these pieces will put them in right shape. Then they can always take the shrug down after the formal ceremony.

Almost all shrug for dresses are handy, lightweight and pretty easy to keep. You can keep them inside your handbag or even clutch when they are not needed. Ladies choose to put them up when they feel need little bit protection to their shoulder, especially when they attending an event inside closed air-con room. The silver shrugs for dresses for examples, are needed to match with silver evening dresses. Thereby colorful one like red or black shrugs for dresses are for black red evening dresses too. These formal shrugs are made of various materials; but the most common one was made of laces, silk or satin, to suit formal events indeed. By the way, the shrugs need to be develop from these materials as lace, satin or silk is always presented luxury and classy where is required by most proper event.

Besides formal shrugs for dresses, you get the causal forms option from suppliers too. Nonetheless these casual forms of bolero shrugs most made of cotton, nylons, polyester etc which suits for outdoor activities. Then again these casual shrugs are quite popular too. In fact it suits for ladies for all age, body size and fashion styles. The plus size shrugs for dresses for examples are tailored made for plus size ladies. Then these bolero shrugs either sold separately from tops like tees and blouses or they was connected it to the tops, depending on the designs. For this reason the shrug-connected shirt and blouse is massively produced and the response is surprisingly good.

Simultaneously the fashion designer thinks of other way to make these shrugs for dresses become more interesting. They begin to combine the design of formal and informal shrugs; to develop a brand new piece dress shrugs that ensemble to formal and casual use both. This cool invention is making ladies exciting as they can save some budgets for other fashion accessories, on top of shrug clothing. Several materials are used to develop the shrug, for example combining wool fabric and lace, and then adorn it with nice crystals or sequins. This kind of “fusion shrug clothing” is expected to receive greater responses in comparing with the traditional forms of shrugs boleros.

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