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A cropped blazer is actually a type of short single-breasted coverlet. Generally people recognized it as short jacket or suit which for formal use mainly. The blazer is offered in different features or varieties to cater for different purposes. The features like colors and adornment is differentiating them from casual jackets or sweaters.

A bolero shrug is also a type of short jacket; however it is more to casual use. Unlike cropped blazers, the bolero shrugs usually constructed of soft materials like cotton and satin. Likewise the blazer is also for formal use, for example the wedding bolero for brides during wedding ceremony.


Like I mentioned earlier the crop blazer and shrugs bolero is same as their exterior feature, which is short and about bust line. Indeed both of them are responsible as fashion coverlet, or as shoulder and arm warmer. Both of them are recognized as the beautiful outerwear to add value for outfit. For example the black cropped blazer is used to match with formal pencil dress or shift dress whereas the lace bolero is a perfect piece for lace evening gown for night occasions. Both of them are to add color and charm for the ready outfit like tops and blouses, even dresses. Similarly most of them are split front, enhanced with great button holes or zippers. Eventually the cropped blazer and shrug bolero is offered in different sizes for different needs. For instance, the plus size bolero or blazer is for plus size lady; nevertheless there were also many of them is fits for all sizes.


After reviewed the similarities between cropped blazer and bolero shrug, let’s discover a little bit about the differences between these two garments. As far as concern cropped blazers are developed of harder materials like polyester; perhaps the shrug is usually made of softer material like cashmere wool and silk. Moreover the blazer normally is for formal uses like to pair with office outfits like shift dresses and formal shirts whereby the shrugs and boleros generally is for casual appointments and dates. Nonetheless some of the boleros are for formal use too. The other difference between these two pieces is usually the button of cropped blazer is made of metallic and they are more durable. Additionally the blazer like black cropped blazer and white cropped blazer is embellished with formal adornment whereas the shrug bolero usually is decorated by lovely ornamental like ribbon, pearl and laces.

Therefore there are more to discover about the similarities and differences between these two garments. Nonetheless to make yourself available for any fashion style, you can consider for adding both of these garments to your wardrobe. Then you can change your style everyday to match your good mood, life is so beautiful isn’t it?