A shawl is a wrap or wide scarf which used to cover ladies shoulder. In fact men also use them, as modern fashion style. You managed to see there were lots of artist worn shawls on top of their sweaters and shirts. Nonetheless the design and cutting of men’s shawls and women’s shawls are different indeed. The shawl is different from its sizes as main criteria, as well as others like colors, toppings, prints etc. However there was one shawl which definitely meets women and men’s needs, whereby this shawl always has been recognized as the universal color series of shawl for all, what else would be more suitable than a black shawl, ladies and gentlemen?


Black shawl is a common type of shawl worn by men and women, like I mentioned earlier. The popularity of this fashion accessory is as popular as bolero shrugs, scarves and body wraps. Undeniably all of them are serving the same purpose, which as shoulder coverlet and body warmer. The black shawls come much obvious as it usually larger in piece compares to shrug or scarf. Nonetheless the piece doesn’t “worn” to the body, it is “put” or “cover up” the body indeed. Therefore the way of wearing shawl is different from shrug or jacket whereby shrug and jacket is worn “on” the body.

Why Black Shawl Popular?

Black shawl like black silk shawl and black lace shawl is the favorite shawl selection for women. The reason is very simple, because this color series of shawl is able to cover the weaknesses of women’s body part. For instance, a woman with thick arm and shoulder needs help from black shawls like black chiffon shawl or black velvet shawl. Likewise the shawl becoming popular as it is easy to match with outfits. It can match with all colors and patterns of outfits inclusive of formal and informal clothing. For example a black silk shawl looks cool with tank top and skinny jeans. At the same time the shawl is also the great fashion accessory for silk evening gown. Or else, if you want to add some flirts to your evening dress, can choose to put up a black lace shawl or black chiffon shawl, both will make you looks charming and sexy.

Future Trend For Black Shawls

There are more benefits to discover under black shawls; in fact I can’t really share with you one by one here. As far as concern the producer and designer of shawls and scarves is keep developing the quality of these items. They are incorporating the advanced features to the piece to make it more valuable. Various techniques are used to make the piece more longevity in use; indeed more interesting for its outlook. Therefore if you can’t find a shrug or bolero as your shoulder coverlet, consider for getting one nice and elegant black shawl.

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